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PC JereTheJuggler's Build Showcase


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Hey everybody! I've been playing Terraria since 1.1.2, and throughout that time I've done quite a bit of building! Unfortunately most of my stuff from before 1.3 is lost to the ether (or wasn't all that good in the first place), but I still have a lot to show!

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After the Corruption themed bridge of course I had to make a Crimson themed bridge to go with it. I made this in 2 sessions over a total of 9.5 hours.

I'm really happy with the concept and design of this build, as well as how it contrasts with the Corruption bridge. I like how the Corruption bridge has a symmetrical design with the classic arch and supports below it, while this Crimson bridge is completely asymmetrical and more of a suspension bridge.

One detail that might not be obvious is that from left to right the bones are based on a tibia + fibula (lower leg bones), a femur (upper leg bone), a spine + rib cage (torso), a humerus (upper arm bone), and an ulna + radius (lower arm bones).


This was my first real build of 1.4, for my Master Mode playthrough. I wasn't really trying to go crazy with it. It'd been a long time since I had tried to make something decent, so this was just me getting back into the groove!

I actually made this right after 1.3.1 (the wiring update) came out, so it was around Jun 2016, but it wasn't until Jan 22 of the next year that I was able to find a hack with a static camera mode that would allow me to record this gif.

TEdit Schematic Download

Don't really know when I originally built this because I didn't post it on Reddit right afterwards for whatever reason. It was featured in the Creation Compendium #29, and there is a comment on my profile mentioning it that someone posted on Sep 17, so it was either on or before that date.

TEdit Schematic Download

Not to say I'm disappointed by it, but really not my best work to be honest. I made it for a time-lapse video and I was obviously out of my element and would've probably done a lot better if I wasn't worrying about the time lapse going on too long.

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