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I can't make them bone because you're not supposed to have access to bones until the dungeon

One idea is to maybe make a custom tile that looks like bone block but that requires a higher-tier pick to mine? I totally understand if you want to stay away from adding content like that though. Anyway, I love what I see!
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Double necro!! Awesome mod (especially with TerraCustom), I'd love to see some more structures implemented.

Does anyone know of similar mods that add stuff during world gen?
this is exactly the mod i want in my life. also are you planning any other structures, because these look great already.

also the jungle surface is quite barren c:
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This mod could actually getting a huge thing when there was a way we could add or make our own Buildings into World Gen with or without mods.
ever since i downloaded this mod it has compleatly screwed up world gen. for example my dungeon is now a checkerboard of dungeon and ocean. and half the chests in my worlds are now made of 2-3 blocks instead of 4. i also get corruption growing up into the sky so i have to use many bombs to get past them to explore the map. its sad because i am not someone who really enjoys building so i like that this mod has pre built stuff. but it has to go as i cannot play if the maps are this messed up. and i also checked the screwed up maps are consistent as they screw up in the same ways every map. i tested to make sure it was definatly this mod before complaining and i also know of a few other people having the same problem.
Are you sure it's this mod that is causing the problem? The corruption generation issue sounds like something I experienced when using Succubi's Wrath awhile back. I've been using this mod with no problem at all.
yes i did check it only happens when i use this mod. i tried other combos of mods and it is only happening when i have this mod running. it does make for some interesting sights though. i know there's a few other people saying the same thing was happening to there game with this mod... the only other thing i can think of is if its some sort of memory issue during world gen. but it doesn't happen with other mods and still happens with only this mod.....
oh also its not just the corruption its the entire map that has messed up bits.
i saw on your channel that you have no problems with it that's why i posted to see if anyone on here had the same thing.
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