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tModLoader JoJoStands


Official Terrarian
JoJoStands is a mod where we're trying to implement many stands and items from 1-7.

Content Overview:

Stands: Star Platinum, The World, Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, King Crimson, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Sticky Fingers, Killer Queen, Killer Queen: Stray Cat, Magicians Red, Hierophant Green, Tusk, The Hand, Whitesnake, Lock, Dolly Dagger, and Grateful Dead.

How to obtain Stands:
  1. Small chance to spawn with a stand upon creating a new player (Inheritance)
  2. Asking Jotaro for an Arrow Shard, in which you stab yourself with it and wait an in-game day for it to wear off
  3. Viral Meteorite, a meteor that drops after Skeletron has been defeated (Use it to craft an arrow)

If you have a stand idea or feel like contributing to the mod, you can join the JoJoStands server on Discord: Join the JoJo Stands Discord Server!. Or you could look at the JoJoStands Wiki if you need to find something. This is my first experience with code, if you want to help out, just know we aren't professionals at this.

JoJoStands v2.2 (Sounds Update) Changelog
- Reworked Tusk Act 3's Shadow Nail (Now is a mount-like projectile which allows travel through ground)
- Previous Tusk Acts are strengthened when you're using higher Tusk Acts
- Added a red screen effect during Foresight (Also boosted the amount of afterimages that appear)
- Added a UI for Sex Pistols
- Added Right-Click for Sex Pistols, kicks bullets toward the mouse
- Slow Dancer actually runs now
- MANY MANY balance changes, like Star Platinum recipes and Aerosmith shoot cap
- Added Viral Steak
- The Hand can now scrape players
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Sounds support

- Buffed Road Roller even more (Now does 4x damage against bosses)
- Sheer Heart Attack now hunts down 5 enemies instead of 1, and flies when the enemy is in the air
- Bites the Dust now bombs all enemies
- Magicians Red now shoots 2 hurricanes in T4
- Ranged Stands now deal critical hits

JoJoStands Sounds v1.1 Changelog
- Added ORA ORA for Star Platinum
- Added MUDA MUDA for The World
- Added ARI ARI for Sticky Fingers
- Added MUDA MUDA for Gold Experience and GER
- Added ORA ORA for Tusk Act 4
- Added THE WORLD when The World timestops
- Added Star Platinum: The World when Star Platinum timestops
- Added KING CRIMSON when King Crimson timeskips
- Added BITE THE DUST when Killer Queen: BtD rewinds time
- Added Pose Quotes (User quotes that play during a pose)
- Added Config Option to choose wether you want to hear Sub or English Dub versions of the Pose Quotes
- Added lots of extra sound effects for certain actions
- Added Kira Theme deathsound (#6)
Yes, it's multiplayer compatible!

Download link for v2.2 (Sounds Mod included): MEGA

YouTube link to VM theme:
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Skeletron Prime
I love the mod and Star Platinum is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered but they despawn after a while. Please make it so they dont naturally despawn :D


Question: How do you get a Requiem Arrow? I'm trying to get Tusk Act 4 but can't seem to find any.
So I've been playing for 6 hours now and I haven't seen a single yoshihiro. Also I've been killing birds a lot and haven't got a paper. Is this not working or am I unlucky
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