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tModLoader JoJoStands


JoJoStands is a mod where I'm trying to implement many stands and items from 1-7. Stands are made using Stand Arrows obtained when creating a character or made with 13 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator. Recipes for tiers are stated in the stands tooltip line.

Current Content:

Star Platinum(weapon) - 153 Damage, star finger (right-click) penetrates up to 3 enemies at once. (tiers 3-Final)
SPECIAL: Stop time for 4 seconds.
(fist by TwilightTechno)

The World - 138 Damage, shoot 3 knives at your enemies (right-click)
SPECIAL: Stop time for 9 seconds.

Hierophant Green - 57 Damage, shoots 3-5 bullets, shoot in a straight line (right-click) with more damage (tier Final) (Sprite by Niker)

Tusk Act 1 - 32 Damage, shoot nails
Tusk Act 2 - 93 Damage, shoot controllable nails
Tusk Act 3 - 184 Damage, shoot controllable nails and right-click to teleport
Tusk Act 4 - 1000 Damage, shoot controllable nails and right-click to use the power of infinite spin
Tusk Pets - Pets that show up only when you are holding a Tusk (All pet sprites by Niker)

Star Platinum(minion) - 84 Damage at a really fast rate (sprite by Niker)

Sex Pistols - 187 Damage at a slow fire rate, bullets target enemies, right-click to shoot all 6 bullets at once (Item sprite by Niker, UI sprite by TwilightTechno)

Sticky Fingers - 128 Damage, zips open enemies which cause them to lost a lot of health and blood, extended zipper punch (right-click) that can extend up to 10-15 blocks

Gold Experience - 120 Damage, has multiple abilities including damage reflecting frogs, damage reflecting trees, 2x loot butterflies (doubles the chances of items dropping, not coins), and limb recreation

Gold Experience(Reqiuem) - 169 Damage, multiple abilities including damage reflecting scorpions, damage reflecting trees, death loop, limb recreation, back to zero

King Crimson - 187 Damage, uses dashes to attack rather than barrages
SPECIAL: Timeskip (Makes all enemies go to the location you were in at the start of the skip, they can't attack you)

Aerosmith(minion) - 87 Damage at a really fast fire rate (sprite by Yoshikage Kira)

Killer Queen(minion) - Punches enemies at a fast rate and if they get away, it blows them up (Sprites by D.Storm)

Magician's Red(minion) - Shoots ankhs at enemies at a fast rate (Sprites by Twilight Techno)

Hierophant Green(minion) - Shoots emeralds at enemeis at a fast rate (Sprites by Niker)

Stand Control - A feature that allows you to control your minion stand. (Ask Jotaro, while holding nothing in your hand, and spam "Stand Help", he will eventually tell you how to use Stand Control.)

Pucci(NPC) - sells you stand discs (spawns after hardmode is enabled and some other town NPC's are in the world) (NPC Remade by Comobie, Stand sprite by D.Storm)

D'Arby(NPC) - sells you some D'Arby specific items (Sprite by Comobie)

Yoshihiro(enemy NPC) - Has a 1% spawn rate but can be spawned with the Wrapped Picture item. (Sprite by Comobie)

Yuya(enemy NPC) - Has a low spawn rate. Stands away from the playe while sending out Highway Star to kill you. (Yuya & Highway Star sprites by Niker)

Wrapped Picture - Can be obtained from birds and spawns Yoshihiro

Stand Arrow - used to craft stands, drops from Yoshihiro (crafted with 12 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator)

Requiem Arrow - used for the final tiers of some stands. (Moon Lord drop)

JoJo Vanities - Jotaro's Vanity Set, Polnareff's hair, Achtung Baby, Koichi Vanity Set, Yoshikage Kira Vanity Set, DIO Vanity Set, Kira (Kosaku) Vanity Set (All made with 2 silk)

Stand Tiers- some stands now have tiers to balance the game. The first tier of a stand starts off with creating it with the arrow, after that, you upgrade it with in-game materials (recipes to be made)

Stone Mask - Gives major boosts to player abilities (speed, jump height, damage, etc.). Limits health and doesn't allow you to go to space nor be in daylight. (item by Comobie, animation by Yoshikage Kira)

Aja Stone Mask - Gives even more major boosts to player abilities. No limits. (Item & animation sprites by Niker)

20th Century Boy - Hold down the special ability keybind to become immune to damage, but in this state you are unable to use items or move.

Killer Queen (1st Bomb) - 134 Damage, tile explosion (right-click) allows you to blow up any tile the mouse is over
SPECIAL: Sheer Heart Attack

Killer Queen (Stray Cat) - Shoots bubbles that explode on contact, can bite the dust to the morning and will take you back to spawn.

Steel Balls - Gyro's main weapon, up to 2 can be thrown at a time

Hamon - Punch people with hamon, automatically gets stronger after vanilla bosses are defeated.

Stone of Aja - Increases life regeneration significantly, let's you walk on water (sprite by Comobie)

Paintings: Officer's Regret, Shot in the Dark, Quiet Life, Blood for the King, I Wouldn't Lose, which are all sold by the Painter. (Paintings by D.Storm, Painting Frame by Techno and 「Brian Eno」, Painting Names by Placement and『Rose Colored Boy』)

Custom Crafting Materials: Soul of Time, Hand, Sun Droplet

If you have a stand idea or feel like contributing to the mod, you can join the JoJoStands server on Discord: Join the JoJo Stands Discord Server!. This is my first experience with code, if you want to help out, just know we aren't professionals at this.

Version 1.73
+ Fixed Tusk Act 1 causing massive multiplayer lag by giving everyone a whole bunch of Tusk pets
+ Added Hallow Queen, a halloween-version of Killer Queen that can only be crafted during the in-game vanilla halloween event with a Killer Queen Final, 10 pumpkins, and 5 Goodie Bags
+ Changed the knife sprite to something cleaner, sharper
+ Gave Aerosmith a new look
+ Aja Vampires can now use hamon (not normal vampires still)
+ Fixed drop chances while boosting the Requiem Arrow drop chance to 30%
+ Changed "Joseph's Clackers" to "Clackers" and "Caesar's Hamon" to "Soapy Glove"
+ Fixed Clackers right-click
Version 1.70
+ Added Gold Experience and Gold Experience Requiem
+ Added King crimson
+ Added Highway Star Enemy
+ Added Stand control for minions
+ Added Jotaro NPC
+ Added hamon meter
+ Added DIO vanities
+ Recreated Normal Kira vanities
+ Added Kira (kosaku) vanities
+ Added Epitaph head vanity
+ Updated a bunch of sprites
+ Reworked Tusk act 1, 2, 3 and 4
+ Added Killer Queen Minion
+ Added Hierphant Green Minion
+ Added Magician's Red
+ Added Tusk Act 4 Minion (only used when holding TA4 item)
+ Added Joseph's Clackers
+ Added Caesar's Hamon
+ Added custom Deathsounds (can now be turned off and will be clientside, only affects 1 person)
+ Added Jotaro the Marine Biologist (Will tell how to do certain things and will tell you about your stand)
+ Added command /deathsoundlist
+ Added Aja Stone Mask and Aja Vampires
+ Added Hamon Cola, Vino, Tequila
+ Added Tusk Pets
+ Added To Be Continued on death
+ Added Player effects (can be turned off in config)
+ Added multiple sounds (can be turned off in config)
+ Added new Sex Pistols UI + Reworked NPC attacks so they pull out their stands
+ Added hidden references to JoJo
+ Made Killer Queen Bites the Dust a stand to be made with the requiem arrow
+ Made Killer Queen Bites the Dust's ability only activate after you're touched someone
+ Reworked Killer Queen's 2nd bomb (now has a range limit and can become an automatic landmine)
+ Reworked timestop so your projectiles stop too
+ Added Posing for all Stand Minions and the player via bind

Download link for 1.73: MEGA
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Skeletron Prime
I love the mod and Star Platinum is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered but they despawn after a while. Please make it so they dont naturally despawn :D


Question: How do you get a Requiem Arrow? I'm trying to get Tusk Act 4 but can't seem to find any.
So I've been playing for 6 hours now and I haven't seen a single yoshihiro. Also I've been killing birds a lot and haven't got a paper. Is this not working or am I unlucky
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