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JoJoStands is a mod where we're trying to implement many stands and items from 1-8.

Content Overview:

Stands: Star Platinum, The World, Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, King Crimson, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Sticky Fingers, Killer Queen, Killer Queen: Stray Cat, Magicians Red, Hierophant Green, Tusk, The Hand, Whitesnake, Lock, Dolly Dagger, Grateful Dead, Cream, Bad Company, Silver Chariot, Stone Free, Hermit Purple, Crazy Diamond, Echoes, Tower of Gray, and Soft & Wet.

How to obtain Stands:
  1. Small chance to spawn with a stand upon creating a new player (Inheritance)
  2. Asking Jotaro for an Arrow Shard, in which you stab yourself with it and wait an in-game day for it to wear off
  3. Viral Meteorite, a meteor that drops after Skeletron has been defeated (Use it to craft an arrow)

If you have a stand idea or feel like contributing to the mod, you can join the JoJoStands server on Discord: Join the JoJo Stands Discord Server!. Or you could look at the JoJoStands Wiki if you need to find something. This is my first experience with code, if you want to help out, just know we aren't professionals at this.

JoJoStands v2.4 Changelogs:
- Added Crazy Diamond
- Added Echoes
- Added Tower of Gray
- Added Soft & Wet
- Reworked Aerosmith
- Added Stand Tier Numerals in the inventory!
- Improved JoJoStands Multiplayer Compatibility!
- Added multiple Stand User vanities! (Jotaro (Alternate), Jolyne, Josuke, Josuke (Part 8), Pucci, Vanilla Ice vanitiess)

- Reworked Magicians' Red's Special
- Added new Stand Spawn (And de-summon) effects!
- Added multiple new Stand Attack effects to better communicate when something happens with a Stand
- Many new Stand Accessories have been added! (Family Photo, Herbal Tea Bag, First Napkin, etc.)
- Made multiple balance improvements to multiple parts of the mod (Will to Escape is now in the caverns, Many Armor Sets now cost less VM to create, etc.)
- Added new messages and effects when nearing the Viral Meteorite (No more struggling to find it!)
- Changed or reworked multiple existing accessories
- Many Stand tooltips have been expanded to better describe more hidden mechanics in each Stand
- Many Jotaro descriptions have been updated to better reflect current Stand abilities
- Touched up multiple sprites
- Modified multiple Stand effects
- The Phantom Armor's Set Bonus has been changed to improve it's usefulness
- Fixed multiple Stands not applying the passive defense boost while being used
- Fixed many Stand projectiles not being affected by Stand Crit Chances
- Fixed a rare bug that caused Stands to cause other projectile textures to distort
- Fixed Viral Meteorite having an odd placement style
- Fixed multiple inconsistencies with multiple Stand behaviors

JoJoStands:Sounds v1.5 Changelogs:
- Added Crazy Diamond, Soft & Wet, and Stone Free Barrage Sounds
- Added Spawn cries for Stands that were missing them
- Added various SFX to Stands

Download link for v2.4 (Sounds Mod included): MEGA Download Link

YouTube link to VM theme:
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Skeletron Prime
I love the mod and Star Platinum is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered but they despawn after a while. Please make it so they dont naturally despawn :D


Question: How do you get a Requiem Arrow? I'm trying to get Tusk Act 4 but can't seem to find any.
So I've been playing for 6 hours now and I haven't seen a single yoshihiro. Also I've been killing birds a lot and haven't got a paper. Is this not working or am I unlucky
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