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Joke Player suggestion Thread


Diez doo stuff to da hoomin in da arrmaa.

Bloo wunz ar lukky
Green wunz ar orkky
Purple wunz ar sneekee
An da red wunz go FASTA!


Necromantic scroll plus paint(any kind): at a tinkerer's workshop:
Mysterious note- Gives you the message 'You made something worthless'

No clue what I am thinking. (I have been awake for about 16 hours)
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you get it by 360 no scope the wall of sweg with a copper mlg xxxmega super scrup reker 69 while calling upon are lord xxsherkxx wearing no armor on a leap year at 6:66 am while punching a tomato in the face with a machete then that that summmon super illuminati mlg god sanic wich has te 666666666666666666666666666666666666666 halth and 666666666666666 dofense and the only weapon that does damage is a broken wood hammmer then after you beat him you get the mega ultra mlg blade of infiniredthis that does 9999999999999999999999999999999 damage ,triggers mega satan hard super mode were every mob one shots you hereais a pic of the sword


The most powerful meele weapon in the game, the next tier after Terra Blade, ans shoots nyan cats that bounce and kill your enemies

Haha, it would be so weird if they added that, right?


*Cough* MEOWMERE *Cough*
Thats the name you are looking for.


Raw Chicken
gives food poisoning.
Can be cooked to give less food poisoning, but inflicts on fire.

Techno Mancer

Brain of Cthulhu
Forums integration: now you can update statuses, post threads, and comment from Terraria! Do it while mining, do it while fighting, do it while fishing! The possibilities are endless


Nooby Worm: Gives 3% bait power thank you
The end
Essays suck
I bet I get all the points
Lol scrubby point meter
You'll never take me alive
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