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Joke Terraria Suggestions


Empress of Light
This was my favorite forum game back in TO. Simple idea. Joke suggestions! For example:

Band of Corruption.
Wearing this corrupts every corruptible block the player touches. Talking to the Dryad with this will cause her to go all Dungeon Guardian on you.
Tooltip: "Don't put it on! Don't you DARE!"

But the joke suggestions can be more simple than that, of course.


Official Terrarian
Guys, stop with the spell cthulhu right thing

To prove my point

Cthulhu has also been spelled as Tulu, Clulu, Clooloo, Cthulu, Cthullu, C'thulhu, Cighulu, Cathulu, C'thlu, Kathulu, Kutulu, Kthulhu, Q’thulu, K'tulu, Kthulhut, Kutu, Kulhu, Kutunluu, Ktulu, Cuitiliú, Thu Thu and in many other ways.

Just saying, post this everywhere, especially on the we can spell cthulhu right club


The toxic pinky.
Replaces every mob, including bosses, once you enter UltraHardMode. Ultra Hardmode is activated when you defeat the Super Slime Bros, which is summoned by using the Toxic Pinky Emblem, which is made by combining all slime gel colours combined with an Uzi. The slime gel colours are extremely hard to get, rarely dropping from slimes with the corresponding colour, or made by using dye. Combining one piece of purple dye with 100 pieces of gel gets you one blue slime gel. The crafting of the emblem requires 9001 of each colour.
The Super Slime Bros do 1,000,000,000 damage to you with a physical attack, and do 9001 damage with their laser attack, so be on guard. It also has 666,666,666 HP.
The Toxic pinky has 1 HP, but has a laser attack that does the same amount of damage as the Super Slime Bros laser. Touching it will also give you Ultra Poison, which hurts you by 1000 health each second.
Luckily the update will be removed shortly after it is created due to copyright by super smash bros.

EDIT: Also, I wasn't complaining how it was spelled or anything. It's just that ReLogic has already confirmed that they are never adding it.


Empress of Light
Okay. Anyway on topic.

Terra Shortsword.
69 damage. Insanely fast speed, autoswing.
Crafted from a Terra Blade at a Shrink Ray.


Killing the Super Slime Bros is very rewarding, however, each of them dropping half of a magical carrot at a 1 percent chance. Keep in mind that they both have a 2 percent chance to drop the left half of the carrot or the right half, so if both of them drop the right, you're screwed. Also, since you cannot fight the Super Slime Bros again, since in Ultra Hard Mode they are replaced by the toxic pinky which only drops S.D.M.G's, you only have one chance with the magical carrot.
Combining a left and right piece of the magical carrot will get you the Magical Carrot Essence. Throwing this essence into a cactus in the day time will summon the Wall of Cthulu, which isn't replaced by the Toxic Pinky. Keep in mind that the cactus will teleport the essence over lava in hell, so you have to quick if you don't want it to be destroyed.
The Wall of Cthulu travels at 666 times the speed of wall of flesh, and you will still be licked if it reaches the end of the world. You have been warned. It also has the same HP as the Slime Bros, so defeat it quickly.
If you manage to retrieve the magical carrot essence from hell, and defeat the wall, you will get a 50 percent drop of the carrot. Conbine the essence with the carrot and you will get a Magical Carrot. Keep in mind that this can all be avoided if you bought collector's edition.
The magical carrot with shoot a wall of bosses shaped beam across the entire world that does 5,000,000 damage, but it requires 9001 mana, so you'd better collect some fallen stars.
The magical carrot is also consumable. That means it's a one time use.


Air shortsword.
Very fast speed
0 damage.
disappears after use.
"I can't believe it, but it's worse than a Dirt Shortsword."
Made with one bottle. Bottle isn't consumed.

Useless item:
Tooltip: Throw this junk away.
Made with 1 air block, which is obtained by mining cloud blocks. Air blocks are also useless.

Band of Ultraspeed.
Made with 1 band of regeneration, one mana band, and one mana regeneration band.
Makes everything move extremely fast.
Tooltip: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Type: Consumable
What it does: Summons a giant eater of souls that breaks all blocks, decoration, and walls, kills everything instantly, never despawns, and can't be harmed by anything. It flies. Another thing this item does is that it spams the chat with "Om nom nom". This item also makes it so you can't exit your world, and every time you reset your computer, you get a blue screen. You can fix this by throwing a Orange Juice Bottle into the screen. After that, your world is deleted.
How to get: Crafted with 1 dirt.

I'm not posting the Dirt Shortsword, because GoldenTerrarian posted in this thread.


Patch notes for 1.3.1
  • Tripled Moon Lord's health. He now inflicts Stoned debuff each time he opens his eye(s)
  • True Eye of Cthulhu now charges like Eye of Cthulhu's 2nd stage in expert mode in addition to its normal attacks
  • Stoned debuff is now permanent until death
  • Stepping on an Explosive Trap or Boulder Trap now turns Sofecore and Mediumcore players into Hardcore ones
  • NPCs can now only die a maximum of once, permanently die afterwards
  • Magic Mirror now breaks if you made your character look bad
  • Fixed Eater of Worlds and The Destroyer not eating/destroying blocks respectively


Official Terrarian
Make a chtulu that kills u 4eva wiv 1 hit
[DOUBLEPOST=1438560386,1438560285][/DOUBLEPOST]An da ony way 2 bet im is to dy in mooooooooooooooon lrud mowf.
[DOUBLEPOST=1438560414][/DOUBLEPOST]An e turn u to hardcore
[DOUBLEPOST=1438560460][/DOUBLEPOST]Mac de anpc hangry an pwn u always


Patch notes for 1.OVER 9 Thousand Yes
  • Whenever you pick up a bomb or sticky bomb, Morshu from Link: Faces of Evil should say "Bombs? You want it?"
  • Nuke Bombs. Whenever you throw a Nuke bomb, it behaves like a normal bomb until it explodes, then a nuke falls on you then kills you.
  • Everything on this thread is now implemented.
  • Little Green Guys are a new mob. They walk up to you and your house and explodes. Spawns in dark places, such as caves or nighttime.
  • Vinesauce Corruptor is a new item, which can do various things, like spam tiles everywhere, spawn multiple things, cause instant death, play random sound effects, mess up the music, mess up the sound effects, make you quit to the menu, cause you to fall through stuff, crash the game, freeze the game, and any combination of these effects. It has a OVER 9000 chance to drop from Corruptors.
  • Toaster Cannon is a new weapon that shoots Toast that does 0 damage and uses Bread as ammo. It is made from 50 bread and the Enclosed Instruction Book.
  • Bread restores no health and is made from 1 dirt.
  • The Enclosed Instruction Book drops from the Wall of Flesh while you are wearing the plumber suit. It kills everything on screen instantly.
  • The Re-Logic screen is now the intro from Link: The Faces of Evil, with 10% more SEGAAAAAAAAA, 20% more Hotel Mario 30% more flying Mario heads, 39% more Sanics, 50% more Wand of Gamelon, 61% more Swoop da Whoops, 72% more Troll faces, 83% more Falcon Punches, and OVER 9000!!!% more everything.
  • Flash Man is a new mob that is found at the end of his stage. He always drops the Flash Stopper, which freezes time. While time is frozen, your mana is depleted, and you can't exit out of it until your mana is completely drained. You can't use weapons while time is stopped either.
  • Metal Man is a new mob that is found at the end of his stage. He always drops the Metal Blade, which can be thrown in all directions, goes through walls, has no gravity, and does high damage. It is a throwing weapon and it instantly kills Metal Man and Flash Man.
  • The King Invasion is summoned by using the Suspicious Looking Dinner. It has Kings that throw Dinner and say Mai Boi.
  • Once the King Invasion is over, you are given a Dinner Blaster. Everything that it's shots hit eats the dinner and has to exercise to lose weight.
  • All versions of Terraria will be updated to 1.OVER 9 Thousand Yes.
  • Terraria arrives on the WiiDS, Nintendo DS, SNES, NES, Gamecube, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, Xbox, Playstation 2, Playstation, Xbox 720, Sega Genesis, Saturn, 32x, Dreamcast, CD, Megadrive, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, the Odyssey, the Philips CD-I, the Vii, the Ti-84, and the Praystation.
  • All versions will support the Nintendo Wii U Classic Gamecube Controller Remote Pad-Charging Chuck Plus Pro.
  • All versions will have the same content, so Ocram on PC.
  • There are WAY more glitches, including the fact that Devourers can have any enemy as it's head.
  • Ads will be introduced, which are voiced and unskippable.
  • There will be In-game Payments.
  • Crash Mode, where if you do anything Crash Man spawns and the game crashes due to too many Crash Men.
  • Amiibo support.
  • SMBX level editor support.
  • Workshop support, which would actually be a decent idea.
  • DLC
  • New Awesome Paint Graphics
  • New Billy Mays NPC
  • Super Form. Obtained when all 7 Chaos Emeralds are collected. Those in Super form can do a Kamikamiha.
  • Spaghetti furniture set and Spaghetti blocks.
  • I will be the new Final Boss.
  • All poor suggestions
  • Everything in the other joke thread
  • More
So what are you waiting for! Call 188-Thisisfake and we will sent you the Collector's Edition with these new features.

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