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Joke Terraria Suggestions


Eye of Cthulhu
When you die you can not respawn for 9 months (and it is on softcore, on mediumcore you must wait additional 18 years)


Official Terrarian
Update: Cheesey fries only do that if you do anything but eat them, and if you fall or throw them on the ground, your computer gets hacked by cheesy fries


The Destroyer
Cheesy fries also have a tooltip

"Cheesy cheesy fries fries, loved by Your Best Friend, Friend."


Added in Ultimate Expert Mode. Now when you kill mobs in this mode, they only drop themselves. This also applies to bosses. Also you only have 1 health and all characters are set to Hardcore mode upon loading an Ultimate Expert Mode.


Official Terrarian
Mcwryyy Arrow
7 Damage
Very fast
''Empowers the creature shot with the arrow, if they survive''
Destroys all available tiles around the player


Lifeless Mode.
All boss and enemy life/damage/defense increased by Graham's Number to the power of a Googolplexian times TREE(3).
Bosses don't drop anything besides a special Lifeless Mode-exclusive item, which always negatively impact the player.
King Slime - Unroyal Gel - King Slimes spawn instead of normal slimes when equipped.
Eye of Cthulhu - Shield of Sadness - Attempting to dash will kill you.
Eater of Worlds - Deadly Scarf - 1700% increased damage dealt to the player
Brain of Cthulhu - Brain of Nausea - Player has constant confusion and 15 damage per second
Queen Bee - Hive Trophy - Bees fired from Bee Gun, Bee's Knees, Bee Keeper and Beenades will attack the plaer
Skeletron - Bone Gauntlet - Will eliminate half of the Town NPC population and will instakill the player.
Wall of Flesh - Deadly Heart - Deletes all accessory slots.
Mechanical Bosses - Mechanical Nuke, destroys the entire world and spawns every mech boss
Plantera - Poison Sac, constant venom and poison inflicted to the player.
Golem - Nothing.
Lunatic Cultist - Nothing.
Moon Lord - Does not exist in Lifeless Mode, instead instantly crashing the game.
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