Game Mechanics Journey menu for event and boss summoning


How about a menu for event and boss summoning in journey mode?
It's annoying to get a new world into late game because of waiting for Plantera's bulb, and I've considered a summoning item for her, but I think that a simple menu would work better. This would also allow for quick access to events like the Martian Invasion and Slime Rain.
Journey players can just automatically summon any boss or event they want? Sign me up. I would love to beat the game in 12 seconds by using a maxed character against the moon lord as soon as I spawn.
Considering everything else in Journey mode is unlocked as you encounter it, I imagine it'd be the same with this as well.

Realistically, Plantera is the only thing a Journey character couldn't immediately spawn upon entering a new world, so this loops back around to wanting an on-demand method of spawning Plantera, which players have wanted for ages.
This is just redundant, though. Every single boss and event summon can be gotten infinitely in Journey Mode. The events and bosses that can't be summoned are very few: it's really just Plantera and the Slime Rain. Having a separate menu to summon bosses and events just for those two options is not the way to go.
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