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Switch Journey Mode Items On Non-Journey Mode Characters

Henry Von Vetta

Console Bug Priority
I am unsure if anyone else has ran into this yet, but I stumbled upon a way to get some of the starting items that a Journey mode character starts with on a non-Journey mode character. The way it is done is pretty simple. All you have to do is create a character with no name and have them be under the Journey difficulty. When you are asked to input a name, you back out and then change you difficulty to whichever one you want the character to be under. You then proceed to create the character as normal. Next time you load into a world with that character, they will have some of the Journey Mode starting items such as Fletching wings, Finch Staff, and Magic Mirror. I will provide an Imgur link to a video showing this in action. I tested this on the PC version of Terraria and it did not occur. I do not own the other Console versions of Terraria so I am unsure if this bug occurs on them as well or if it Switch exclusive. This is not game breaking by any means (it is more helpful that anything) but it is something I believe was not intended to happen.

Imgur link to video demonstration: https://imgur.com/a/17U5gEz
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