Journeys beggining.

Ok so my friend and I were thinking of cursed terraria ideas. Such as an excaliburger instead of Excalibur, or a days edge, or a first prism. But then I thought; “hey there is a meowmere that drops from moon lord. So maybe there should be a meowmere, but dog themed.” maybe it could be a expert mode exclusive moonlord drop. Now I know that 1.4 is already out. AKA journeys ”end”. But I mean, why should it be an end? Maybe it could be a beginning.... maybe you could add 3DS exclusive enemies into the game, like maybe dragon skulls, or arch wyrvens, or spectral gastrapods, or orcas and all those things you guys removed. i was also thinking that since the dungeon has the clothier NPC and the mechanic NPC, why doesn’t the jungle temple have lihzard sort of NPC that could sell lihzard power cells, or a lihzard furnace, maybe even solar tablet fragments. anyways another feature idea I had was maybe a volcano biome where maybe lava bats spawn in, or maybe lava slimes. Maybe made out of stone and obsidian, or a little bit of ash, and of course filled with lava. also I’ve had an idea all of the way from 1.2. So on the beach, there are starfish, and seashells that spawn, yes? Well how about sand dollars? They could be also another ingredient in the mega shark and could be sold for 50 silver each. I also had another idea for another evil biome. The abyss. It’s main theme color is black, it’s background is chunks of earth just floating around, it’s stone name could be called void stone, it’s wood name could be called shadow wood, its boss summoning orb could be Called the abbysal crystal, and it summons a boss called the skull of Cthulhu, and monsters that spawn in the abyss are called abyssal spirits and another monster that could spawn there is a undead mage. These are all the ideas I have. Oh shoot. I went way too off topic of equipment. Sorry.
Orcas were removed because i think they interfered with shark spawns. Adding a volcano biome would probably take a lot of effort, and I think there already is a volcano in the underworld background. There is already a lihzard npc, the witch doctor. You already get enough power cells to fight Golem at least 4 times from temple chests. I do not know why you would grind golem unless you wanted a sun stone. There is not really a point of complicating the megasharks recipe. The Abyss... has potential. It sounds cool, but the devs have already said that this is the absolute "journey's end", not a beginning. The abyss could be added in a mod. Sorry if I sound harsh, but if you sit and think about your ideas, they seem kind of unnecessary. I have made suggestions like this before, and now that I look back, they were pretty bad.
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