Journey's End 1.4: Official Item Balance Feedback and Discussion Thread

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Doesn't Titan effect all classes?
It does, but in this case it only matters for Melee because they’re the only ones fighting in range of the Hungries to begin with. Titan comes late enough to where I haven’t had a role for it anywhere else, therefore I think it should be earlier in the game.


Perhaps Town Pets could increase the happiness of nearby NPCs by a small amount (maybe 2% or so)? Everyone complains about the happiness system and how hard it can be to make NPCs happy. Perhaps this could be a concession? In-universe, it would make sense that everyone would like the pets (Who doesn't like bunnies?). Also, it would give town pets a use once all the NPCs have been acquired.


Not sure whether idea I'm going to tell is item relative or not but:
Make master Duke Fishron, daytime Empress of Light and Betsy drop class related item if all of damage was dealt by same weapon class (not sure about Wall of Flesh and Fishron) so there will be no need to farm a :red:load of time if you are unlucky (firecracker & flying dragon are here).

The main problem with npc happiness is that you locked on how you could order them - straight line(approximately) horizontal or vertical. And LINE cause hate detection radius is twice(not sure) bigger than love radius(25 tiles btw)
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Before this thread is once again shut down for good*TM*, I'd like to thank @Leinfors for giving us the opportunity to give our feedback here and taking some of our suggestions. I can only imagine the amount of effort running/processing this forum takes on top of everything else you are doing, so I just wanted to say that I appreciate the effort. I'm looking forward to all the changes that you've got in store for us!


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One last very small QoL change, please make all mushrooms stack to 999, not just glowing. Also, would be nice if all grab bags, not just expert treasure bags stacked to 999. (can of worm, herb bags, crates, lock boxes, etc) Can't wait to see what is in store for these balance changes!


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Well, here we are again, another high energy session of feedback and change proposals, and great stuff all around.

This thread has contributed substantially to the current state of my balance change patch, and there is more to be tapped from it. I have quite a few extensive posts saved just so I can come back to them and review them as I go for more information.

The balance change patch is well underway, and I don’t mind detailing the process I am doing for it.

Internally, I have the changes divided into two batches, called Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 1 served as the vanguard of the changes, comprising perhaps 60% of the changes I intend to make. The goal of dividing it up is so that I could get an early chunk out of the way and into action ahead of time, to avoid bottlenecking all of the changes at the programming stage. I finished compiling and submitted them for Redigit approval a few weeks ago. We are currently actively implementing the outcome of those changes, and I can comfortably say it is at least 150 changelines already (both community inspired and internally inspired changes).

So while Phase 1 is being actively programmed now, Phase 2 is being compiled. Phase 2 is designed to be the fallback for stuff I couldn’t get reviewed or decided on quickly, and a lot of Phase 2 changes are determined based on how Phase 1 works out. For example, if a specific important item received major nerfs or buffs, I may need to make “cascading” changes off of that item to compensate in other areas, and Phase 2 is intended to be a net for accumulating those cascading necessary changes as a result of Phase 1.

I do not have a current timeline, but I can say that Phase 1 is well underway and nearing completion, and Phase 2 is in the initial review stage (and I should start finalizing those changes shortly and submitting to Redigit for approval).

I have hopes, though I cannot make any promises, that I will be able to provide a redacted version of the changelog for public feedback before the update. This will allow me one last chance to catch any major oversights (they happen! I make mistakes!), and hopefully remedy them before launch. If that ends up not to be possible, then I will likely reopen the thread briefly for a dedicated hot fix review focused STRICTLY on follow up adjustments (and not new changes), so I look forward to chatting with you all once again when that comes to pass!

Thanks once again for all of your great feedback, cooperation, and friendly, constructive criticism! You guys are great, and these changes just wouldn’t be the same without some of the fantastic perspectives and thoughts you’ve shared with me! I firmly hope Terraria will benefit once more from these balance changes, and you all deserve thanks for making that come to light. :)
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