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Journey's End Vanity Contest - Finalists & Voting Instructions

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Happy Friday Terrarians!

First of all, a big thank you to everyone that entered our Journey's End Vanity Contest! We were blown away by both the sheer volume (THOUSANDS :eek: ) and the overwhelming quality of what you all produced. Simply stunning, but not really surprising, because we know how awesomely creative you all are, right? :)

Seriously, if you have not checked out the awesomeness that is the Submissions Thread... you really should do so right now!

The Re-Logic team has at long last completed the arduous task of going over every entry (yes, we did look at every. single. one.), and we are ready to reveal our choices for the 25 Journey's End Vanity Contest Finalists! Our criteria were focused on how cool we found the concept, how well we felt it could be executed on by our team, and how well we felt it would fit into Terraria. Note that for some concepts, multiple people may have had a similar idea. For these, the idea that best communicated the concept and/or stood out as being the most unique to the team was selected.

These will be listed below, in no particular order - however, we wanted to give you the instructions on how to vote first! Remember, the Top 3 will be moving on to having our artists work to pull those ideas into the game - so your votes matter! So here is how it is going to work...


In order to involve as many of the various arms of the Terraria Community as possible, we will be utilizing a centralized voting method that is not tied to any one aspect of the Community. Voting will all be done via the Google Forms link posted below. Before we get there, a few things to point out.

  • In order to limit the possibility of "ballot stuffing" (aka voting over and over again), you will be required to sign into a Google account in order to vote.
    • We figure this is as innocuous of a thing to ask as anything, since most folks either have a Google account or could make one easily
  • You will be asked to vote for a first, second, and third place entry - each entry will have an image, name, and the creator's name clearly listed.
    • If you so desire, you may vote for the same entry in all three places.
  • The order in which the finalists will appear is randomized for each voter, to avoid bias.


That's pretty much it folks - sign into Google, vote, and then see how it all shakes out! To get started, click the Vanity Contest Banner below!


Click on the image for any entry to be taken to the entry's post for more details

The Traveler.png

The Traveler by @Upixel

Forest Druid.png

Forest Druid by @Kohi_aue

R-MK entry.png

Capricorn by @R-MK

sodahunter entry.png

Plaguebringer's Robes by @SodaHunter


Bubblehead by @MetDigit/Gust Moreira

Swamp Horror.jpg

Swamp Horror by @Outerwar

Cyber Angel.png

Cyber Angel by @Rariaz

Floret Protector.png

Floret Protector by @yikescloud

Wyvern Rider.jpg

Wyvern Rider by @manzXja

Witches Void.png

Witch's Void by @Hexanne

Starlight Dream.png

Starlight Dream by @Golditale

Magic Grill Megashark.png

Magic Grill Megashark by @Pepsi


Mocrium by @EyEyMoses

Deep Diver's Disguise together.png

Deep Diver's Disguise by @Nick T.

Cosmic Terror.jpg
Soul of the forgotten God Set Pixel Art.gif

Cosmic Terror by @RegMeow


Dragon Empress by @mythic___

Vestment of the Crystalline Bard.png

Vestaments of the Crystal Bard by @Are_Cuenty_Wotta

Wandering Ronin.gif

Wandering Ronin by @crowflux

Bedtime Outfit.png

Bedtime Outfit by @AnonAlpaca

Timeless Traveler.gif

The Timeless Traveler by @DisRicardo

Slime Queen.jpg

Slime Queen by @MounaShine

TV Head.png

TV Head by @Dr.Zootsuit

The Bugman.jpg

The Bugman by @Metalsquirrel

Containment Suit.jpg

Containment Suit by @MikeLeaArt

Mushroom Alchemist.png

Mushroom Alchemist by @pineappleknight

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Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Amazing job everyone! Though I only managed to make it through like 50 of the hundreds of pages of submissions, I've seen so many unique and interesting entries that I'd love to use in game. Even though we can't have all of them in game, I'm very proud of those who made it and everyone that submitted their creations. Always great to see a community come together to do something like this and bring so many neat ideas to the table.


Congratulations to all the finalists. You all did a great job. I can't actually vote for anything but everyone else should and I hope your favorites come out on top.<3


Official Terrarian
It has been a while since I started becoming active with this community again, but all of these submissions are flowing to the brim with creativity!

I am personally voting for
Cyber Angel
Floret Protector
...but all of these submissions are worthy of being finalists as well. Great work everyone!
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