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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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My Submission
All of the different biome trees (not counting mushroom and beach). The hat is Forest, the left part of the body is corruption, right is hallowed. The left foot is snow, and right is the jungle. Sorry about the different positions on the hat. The full-body suit has an accurate look of the suit. All body pieces have a little band of some sort to show their own trunk look as well.


I made this in Pencil2D, a 2D animation downloaded software, and it is a .pclx file. I'm terribly sorry if the submission is not able to be viewed. However, if it is, I'd like to thank you for this opportunity. I made a subtle reference to Gold Experience Requiem with the head shape, but it should be fine. The design is totally flexible and I'm open to reconsidering the design.

Edit- I'm terribly sorry, the file wouldn't load because it wasn't an allowed extension. I'll redo the design in MS paint later. Thanks again!


The Legendary Ramerian Armor:

Ramerian Armor.png

Forged in the depths of the the corrupted lands, this armor is made of an unheard of metal: Ramerium, a metal made only when corruption infects meteorite. While the metal oddly loses any worth in terms of defense, it surely would make anyone who wears it seem far more intimidating, as well as quite a bit EPIC!


(I made my entry then read how to enter so I had already added dye to it. Just ignore that part of it, as well as the GIF) there are three images in total (minus the GIF). One is most of the entry. The other two are basic concepts/examples for a male and female wig/hairstyle. Lastly I Call this Creation of mine: Hardcore-Casual's Clothes
Journey's End Vanity Contest Entry#222.jpg


Over-sized vanity set:

Head: Over-sized hood, easy to get soaked up by the fluffiness on the inside.

Torso: Over-sized hoodie, 100% guarantee to wear this sweater forever.

Legs: Over-sized sweats, For some reason, you need a belt to keep it on.


I wanted to have a ghillie suit vanity set, I tried to make it w/ pixel art but i am not good at that, pretty much a vanity set with overlapping vines that are mini versions of the existing jungle vines texture
ghille suit.png

Hello Terrarians!

This is the thread where you submit your entries for the Journey's End Vanity Contest! For more details about it, please check out the announcement thread!

  • Only one submission per person! If you make multiple submissions, we will select the first submission made, and the latter ones will be disqualified.
  • All Vanity entries must be the original work of the person submitting the idea - no stealing! (yes, we will look -_-)
  • Sprites from Terraria mods *ARE* allowed but only if you are the original creator of that artwork (this means the actual artist, not just anyone that happened to work on a given mod)
  • Direct lifts/overt references to other games/movies/tv shows/etc. are quite likely to be rejected (if we have to ask permission to use it, don't submit it ;) )
  • Please keep it PG-13 - nothing profane/offensive/etc. please
  • If you are looking for more guidance and next-level design tips, check out this link > Terraria Vanity Contest Best Practices & Design Tips

  • Entries should consist of a design that includes Head/Torso/Leg (aligned to those vanity armor slots in the game). We will not be including wings/dyes/weapons/etc. Sorry.
  • All entries must include artwork of some kind. This could mean anything from super-fancy hand drawn art to MS Paint-level scribbles. However, the art - and any accompanying descriptions - need to be able to clearly communicate the idea. If we have to struggle to understand the concept, it will hurt your chances of winning... and trying to guess art from just text is going to give all of us headaches.
  • If you have a name for your creation, please provide it.
  • Entries should be submitted by posting in this thread. ONLY entries will be permitted in this thread. If you want to discuss the contest or specific entries, feel free to do so in the announcement thread here, Discord, etc.
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2020 - NO EXCEPTIONS! :)

Please note that as stated above, ONLY submissions will be allowed in this thread. Non-submissions will be moved/removed by the moderator staff. You can ask questions or discuss the contest in the original thread!
your bagles.


Un-named so far. Figured it would be cool if this changed the yellow based on the player eye color. Has blue and (eye color) particle trail that follows when whole set is worn. Not sure if buffs are allowed to be defined in the competition but this set would provide a speed boost and some sort of magic boost (decreased mana usage or increased magic damage etc.)



Stellar Manipulator Vanity Set

(i'm not quite good at both digital and pixel art so...)

It's kind of ancient space robot that constructs different stellar objects.
The limbs are made of "dark matter", pitch black in any dye (If possible).

Legs - Stellar Manipulator Chassis
Desc - "Sometimes you look at the starlit sky..."
Chassis consists of four void black "legs" with steel feet connected to orange colored platform.

Body - Stellar Manipulator Carcass
Desc - "... and think think for yourself: What a beatiful piece of art..."
Steel skeleton-like structure covered with orange colored sheathing. And there's two arms made of dark matter, with steel claws at the end.

Head - Stellar Manipulator Core
Desc - "... but who is the artist?"
It's a miniature star/quasar/black hole/moon/galaxy/etc (Whatever the developers and public would prefer more. :)) being held by two antennaes.

Additional ideas for head mechanics:
If possible by game's mechanic - the sun/moon are rotating, if the character moves. Same for black hole and galaxy - they would spin while moving. And the quasar/star would twinkle.
Also if possible by game's mechanic - the stellar object can change in response to world time and event happening - like sun during day and moon during the night; or vortex/stardust/nebula/solar star if near celestial towers.


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Official Terrarian
Terra Knight2.png
It is called the Terra Knight! A celebration of Terraria and it's champion narrowed down into one armor set. Dragoon style Helm with a chain-mail back panel and horns. (Helm does not cover lower face). Chest Piece has horned pauldrons and chain-mail sleeves, the front is blue/green metal with a yellow jewel surrounded by a white starburst. (Chest does not have gloves.) Legs are blue on inside of leg and green on outside. Boots also have a small yellow jewel. Inspired in part by the Terra Blade and the concept of an uncorrupted/purified world.
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this is the gilbert outfit. the head is a hollow stitched plague mask wearing a grey trilby hat.

the body is a deep black wearing a feather cloak that is a crimson red. there is a shiny buckle at the neck.

finally the legs are the same colour as the small bit of body showing.

huge thanks for looking at this!


Ok, This will sound weird but hear me out. I am not very good at drawing so I would need someone to design this for me but here is my idea. This would be endgame armor with 120 defense. The reason it has so much defense is that it is very hard to craft but it is very good. So it would look like an astronaut set, but you would craft the whole set at once. To craft it you need, 80 Luminite, 80 Meteoritem, 80 chlorophyte, 80 Titanium, 80 Iron,80 Crimtane, 80 lead, and 80 Gold. The reason it is so exspensive is this, one ability it can do is like the drill containment unit but more powerful and has more beams to mine so better press M for it, the second ability is unlimited flight, Then there is the Ghost ability where you can travel through blocks anywhere, and lastly is the rover, that is a mount that can jump very high and has extremely fast speed that damages enemies 80 dmg. (Press r for it, it takes up your mount slot). And that is my idea. It is also practically two mounts in one. Please take it into consideration!!!! I have been thinking about this for a very long time. thx!!!!!
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