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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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flame emp body.PNG
flame emp.PNG
flame emp bootys.PNG

I call this flame emperor armor, the idea is the fire is hotter the higher on the armor, the helmet has purple and blue flames while the bottom of the boots are looking like obsidian. My name is Cole Salmond, I decided the visor would be blue fire because blue fire looks cool, it could also have a cool affect where above it things look hazy, like on a hot summer day things far away look wavy. Thank you for your consideration.
Hey! So, this is my vanity set. Its supposed to be a mutated zombie, with glowing eyes and hands, a half burned body and its larger than normal zombies. Could be called
King of Mutants, but I am not really creative with names. When worn, the custom character will be invisible.
Toxicon Costume.png
This is my original artwork.
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helo this is my submission

i call the set "muffin set"
the torso part can be called "muffin wrapper"
idk what to call the head maybe something like "blueberry cap"
torso tooltip: "hmm... smells like 14 kids"
head tooltip: "somewhere in these blueberries there's an idot"
theres no legs

all speling mistakes are on purpose


I made a Pancake Vanity.

All the things are pretty much the same:
Butter = Helmet
Pancake/s = Chestplate
Plate = Leggings

Choose whatever your preference is. I can't decide whichever one is better. But If I do have to choose I go with the option on the right.

This is my first post on here! I hope y'all like it!

f04a5d984d3118b4041cee7d9752c5bc (1).png

I Also forgot to mention that these are not 100% finished. I may update them over time


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For as long as the shoes existed I've wanted a chance to refurbish them, and I'm so glad I might have a chance! The others took a little longer to think up, but I think they turned out pretty good. admittedly I'm no artist, but I hope you consider my contribution anyway! (Thinking of something for the seaweed was a little difficult if we're being honest, but I think I thought of something clever.)



Annotation 2020-03-28 062202.png

Beanie, goggles, leather coat with spiky sleeves, spiky bracelets, graphic t-shirt, and boots. (Pants don't matter too much. They are hidden by the coat.)

Colors are simply a suggestion. I only chose purples and reds because I think they fit the magical vibes.

For a female design, it could have a cropped shirt, shorter coat, and heels.

The goal is for it to look like a sort of punk wizard.

Been playing Terraria for a very long time and it is something I am very passionate about. <3 :)

Also I made an account just for this, so it better be worth while lol


Hello! First of all, this vanity set is called the Cryptic Set
Whereby, there is the ...
- Cryptic Leggings
- Cryptic Torso piece
- Cryptic Headgear: the headpiece has its own animation of 6 frames [hence the 6 copies of models and gif (the animation doesn't have to be a necessity)]

First of all, I created this set myself and used other sets in the game for inspiration. The Cryptic Headgear gives a smokey visor (if animated) and covers the whole face, the headgear was influenced by Aaron's set. The Cryptic torso was influenced by Red's and Loki's dev set: whereby, the shoulders are similar to Red's Set and the arms were influenced by Loki's set. The Cryptic Leggings was influenced by Red's dev set where at the heel there is a spike.

I personally like Aaron's Set, Red's Set and Loki's set and used them as an influence for this concept :) [I especially like the Set animations of the armour]
Hopefully, you guys would like this vanity set to be seen in the game!


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This is my submission:
Terraria Vanity Contest Entry.jpg

I'd call it something like the "Survivor Set" or the "Great Survivor Set" or something.

It consists of:
a hood and gasmask as the head accessory,
a cloak and button up shirt for the torso,
pants and black boots for the legs

The sprite made is not the best but it's just a rough idea of what I think the design would look like in game (I am also sorry for the rough sketch if it's hard to understand...)​
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