Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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I don't know what to name it, I guess something having to do with cyborgs or the Cyborg NPC and I'm thinking that it can be dropped as a rare drop from enemies or can be sold by the Traveling Merchant perhaps.
The Frostburned Mage set! (You also can call it the Frostburn Mage set, I wouldn't mind :p)
Frostburned Mage set.png

The set includes a Robe (Chest slot) and a Hat (Head slot)
  • The Robe has a Frostburn gradient starting from the bottom of the Robe.
  • The Robe has a golden finish around the neck, arms and lower waist/knees region.
  • The Robe has also something resembling a hood in the back.
  • The Hat is stretched to the back and has a Frostburn pattern on it.
  • It also has something resembling a Frostburn feather, lantern or a string (though I aimed for a feather :p) curling and pointing up/forward on the back of the Hat.
  • This set includes Glowmasks in the pixel-gradient at the bottom of the Robe and one at the tip of the feather on the Hat.

Why did I choose this design?
I wanted to make a robe with a really fancy and cool looking hat. I really like Frostburn items in Terraria, as you can see, and it has not that many items, so I made it around that :p
The software that I used was Aseprite. I am really bad at art, but Pixel art takes patience and not too much skill is required, which helped me with showing my Idea, so I chose it.
some fan Lore to spice cool it up?
Sure. There was a Wizzard and he studied Frostburn magic. He then became the Frostburn Wizard! Short and sweet? :p

I hope that whoever sees this will have a good day/night (it is 2 Am for me ._.) and hopefully, I can give someone some ideas and maybe be featured! ;)
Good night! <3


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Duke Fishron
Apollo Vanity Banner.jpg

An homage to the Apollo/Skylab A7L space suit used for the Moon Landing in 1969.

Apollo Vanity actual size.png
With so much of the endgame being moon and space related, I think putting a proper space suit in the game is long overdue. I envision it as a vanity set. If possible, dye could interact with the suit in interesting ways - certain dyes might only change the glass color on the helmet and the stripe colors on the suit. Certain specific dyes might adjust the colors to match other historical or modern space suits such as the brand new Artemis suits.


I was trying to go for an Aztec Jaguar Warrior vibe but mixing it up with Quetzalcoatl but there is only so much my art skills can do. However I liked the idea of a Meso-American godly warrior so I figured I would give it a shot
Terraria Quetzlcoatl Warrior.png


this set is called "drifter"


it's based off the design of silver chariot requiem, from jojo's bizarre adventure: vento aureo. here, the hat shares the same folded side


the drifter set is additionally based off of sundown from live a live (play it) . the design of both my submission and his outfit shares a poncho (split or single, it doesn't really matter to me). i would have put a design on the poncho, but it would have looked like a mess


the drifter set aims for the concept of a lone deadeye wandering the frontiers of america, which is badass in my eyes

considering the slim chance that my design would win, i'd like to be referred to as only "blister" in the tooltip

that's it really, thank you


This is my entry.. I know, it's very basic :pinky: But I tried..
Title: Phoenix's Attire (Phoenix's Helmet, Phoenix's Breastplate, Phoenix's Greaves)
Phoenix was a Terraria explorer, and she *loved* to collect plants. (true). She made too many dyes, and they mixed together to make rainbow dye ;w; She loved it so much that she covered her armour in it.
But, tragedy struck, and she didn't have enough to cover the entirety of her armour. So, she's stuck like this now.. sad..
I don't know what the plans are for tooltips(?) but I would love to have a bit of "Rainbow Happiness" if there is going to be one :D
So uhh.. hope you like it.... Good luck to everybody, and I can't wait to see who wins!! <3


So, a while ago I made a suggestion for how to make the throwing class a viable thing in the endgame, and you've since made it clear you intend on getting rid of throwing (lol). So, here's one of the armour sets I created for that suggestion as a sprite sheet. It's based on Mothron (originally, it was meant to be crafted using "Moth Scales") so ideally Mothron can just drop the pieces as potential loot. Enjoy :)


(There were other sets I made as well, but I think this one is the best stand-alone set. If anyone wants to see my other sets as inspiration, Here go nuts, have fun, ciao.)
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Dungeon Spirit
well, nothing bad triying i suppose :p
i believe i created and developed my own oc thanks to this game, it would be fun and an honor seeing it become full circle having xiao's own set in-game.
althought, i know her design is kinda simple, would be cool if a better dyable and easier to get (maybe?) cat ears, and also there's a lack of a tail to company it. :red:

as last note, good luck to all entry participants!
Ok, this is trashy art but its meant to be the 4 Celestial Pillars as a shirt. The concept art was made in ms paint, btw.
Rly hope this wins, that would be epic.


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My submission for the contest is a vanity armor set inspired by the game's overworld. I choose the name "Balance Bringer" because the player character of Terraria is tasked with defeating the evils of the world they find themselves in, and balancing the light and dark forces that have taken hold in its depths.

Thanks for the opportunity, Re-Logic, and may the best artist win!
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