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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Toni Ross

Magma Warrior Toni Ross.jpg

Magma Warrior

He has the red and orange in between the black obsidian to represent magma seeping up.
The red and orange slowly alternate between the two colors; except for the horns, which are always red and orange, as shown on the picture.


Hello! I made my own submission over the course of about a week and a half:

Head - Horns
Torso - Skin colour based torso (female characters will have a bra or something)
Leggings - Goat horns

I would just like to thank the wonderful people at the Nevernamed discord server for being very kind and very helpful when I was making this, especially Agent Y and Tomten Pin. And another big thanks to Nevernamed for letting me use his pixelized version of my profile picture.

Have a good day!
Terraria character completed.png


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I am not an artist in anyway shape or form. the gif was my second attempt at this and the picture was my first.

I'm not sure what i'd call it

Head: crown sparkles a little bit
Torso: has a flame trail coming off like a cape maybe?
Legs: just some regular legs with the same look, orange and purple with a little bit of black

The picture's pixels got a little messed up when i saved it


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toxic-pixilart (2).png

Sorry for the blur, I didn't know how to stop it (It looked better without the blur)

This is my submission The Toxic Set

It is a hazmat suit. It could be obtained with a small chance of dropping each piece from any enemy from the jungle.
One suggestion for it would be that it has a faint green glow or radioactive green coming out of the feet when you walk (How it looks with dryad's blessing)
Another thing I think would be cool is the mask is semi-transparent so you can see the original character.

Ar7ic P3nguin

Here is my design that I think would be unique. A particle effect idea I had; whether its a vanity accessory, Dye effect, or a full set effect, it would be cool to have a short trail of smoldering ash in its wake. It would have like a magma effect brightness to the details of the vanity set, (but not illuminating.) And It would include the player's hair above the face-plate. I think I would name it Tectonic, or subterror set. I drew it in Piskel for those interested to know. I think its a great idea for the community to get creative, and I am exited to see what is picked to go in the update!
Mage from the depths, by Ar7ic P3nguin.png
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Guy's Hood-1.png (1).png

Guy's Chestplate-1.png (2).png
Guy's Pants-1.png (2).png

Guy's Pants-1.png (1).png

I made these pieces of vanity, and decided to call them Guy's Hood (the first picture), Guy's chestplate (the second picture) and Guy's Pants (the last picture) respectively. If the names of each are not good enough, then I can change them. But for now, I will stick to that. Hopefully the crown/mask combination is not too much to do, and also the purple fire on top of the crown, sort of coming from above it, hopefully that too is also not too much to do. I also did not do them all as one set, but instead, like they would be in the game, as separate items of vanity for the head, chest and legs. But if you put the three pictures that I have above together, you will get the concept pretty well. I appreciate the opportunity that you guys are giving the community, as I never see anything like this happening anywhere else, especially during these tough times. I love Terraria, and I am beyond excited for Journeys End. Continue the great work all of you, and stay safe!
(edit) decided to put the vanity together, even though I said you would get the concept pretty well, I eventually sat on it for awhile thought it would be weird to not put it together.
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Ocram Execution

Slime Groom.png

My submission for the contest.... while it looks horribly drawn due to MS Paint and my overall bad art skills...…. I don't care about winning and just doing this for fun. (although if it wins, please try improving the sprite)

Head: a blue slime with lighter eyes.

Torso: a tuxedo which is covered in a bit of slime along with a icon of the slime crown under the jacket

Legs: Dark grey pants with a darker grey for shoes

Note: Inspired by accidents where people slip in weddings and get their outfit ruined (so no need for permission from other companies) also might had screwed up and been rejected for submission.


The set is called the starry set. It's supposed to represent stars on a black sky. It covers all 3 parts, separate items for each of them. The outside is just to show borders, you can remove them.



the mask is the top and the transparent parts are the torso and legs
honestly I'd be happy if you just added the mask and nothing else
I don't have a name for these because I'm not creative
also if someone already had this idea sorry I didn't mean to steal.


This is my contest submission. This focuses on the scarf and the hair. The main idea is that the scarf she is wearing is connected to 2 dragon/ lizard type things. I couldn't quite draw it well but I hope you guys can. And if this makes it in the game, I think making the dragon heads move around while connected to the scarf would be cool. Thank you guys for reading this far. Good luck to everybody. Can't wait to see what kind of sets will be put into the game. Stay Creative!


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