Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Hello! :D i just want to thank you for starting this competition so i can have the possibility of featuring my design in your
amazing game!
I would like for the name of this set to be called "jak's Steele" in honor of my brother, Jacob, who helped me with the design.
for the bright orange, i used the colour:

I tired my best to avoid any confusion for the people that will be developing these characters, so i made three artworks of different media:
~the traditionally drawn one is the most reliable for detail
~the pixelated one is the greatest one for knowing where i want what
and so its easier to design the armour.
~and the digital one is so you can get a more clear view of what i made in
the traditionally drawn one although i spent a lot less time on it. ;)


to be placed on the face with no visible straps
covering only half of the face and allows the visibility of hair (if it works in character design)
chest plate:
attaches to the leggings with a panel in the direct center of the chest
and two orange stripes down either side of the chest
chest plate including sleeves with horn-like objects protruding
out of both shoulders, the sleeves include steele that begins at the wrist and up the arm to thin.
consists of the previous mentioned stripes that continue down, stopping
at the shoes.
on one of the thighs will be a steele plate wrapped around the majority of said thigh.
The leggings including the shoes will consist of the shoe colour layers in this order from top
black, white, orange, black, white.
and shows the same panel on the chest at the top of the shoe.

if you have any questions about the design, feel free to msg! :D

Thank You For Your Time And Consideration!

Love, lucy :)
Yur: son of the dungeon
Yur was imprisoned in the hellish dungeon of terraria since young age, one day he broke loose and started killing and feeding on the undead, and read all the books and tomes of every shelf to find a way out, not only he became strong and immune to the dungeon's curse, but also became terraria's strongest ergokinetic to the point of seeing mana running through his veins, he now seeks one thing, to destroy the dungeon and its creator: the lunatic cultist

Ps: yur means moon
thanks to A.Ar for bringing my vanity set to life, very amazing artist bro.
Heaven's Apparel
Noticing that the sky was a bit lacking, i wanted to make my vanity set sky themed. The set will consist of three pieces, the horns, robe, and boots (although the robe will most likely cover the boots).
The horns are inspired by the wyverns, and will display above the players head, not interrupting the hair.
The robe is a long, white, slightly torn cloak. It has decorations such as harpy feathers that form a V shape around the neck and continue off the shoulders. A sun is displayed similar to the sun portrayed on the banners on the sky islands.
The boots, although they will probably not be shown with the robe, but will make a good substitute if someone decides not to wear the robe.

The whole idea of this set is to match the color scheme and immersion of the sky regions, mainly taking inspiration from the wyverns. I am not 100% sold on the name i came up with so if there are better name ideas I'm all for them :) The concept art i made was made by me and solely for this contest. I don't know how to make pixel sprites so i drew the set as if it were worn on a person and a basic sketch of what i want included. also it would be pretty cool if when all three vanity items are worn, wyverns would become docile. i always find it hard to live in the sky when wyverns keep spawning and destroying your face. but i have no clue if this is possible.
in terms of acquiring the gear, i don't really know. i was thinking that the full set would be included in the chests in the sky islands, but dispersed throughout the world. so the player would have to travel from island to island to obtain the whole set.

final trrr.png

Ever wanted to look like an awesome, futuristic robot? Well now you can!

Introducing: The Mecha Menace!

Just because you're getting chased by a giant eyeball doesn't mean you can't look stylish while doing it!

  1. glowing particles (ooh)
  2. cool running effects (ahh)
  3. lights change color with dyes
  4. eyes glow! YAY!
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Its about time the Terraria community showed its passion for one of the gems of the gaming world.

Enter "Admiral Admiration". Slayer of slimes, conqueror of evil, and a very ardent lover :nursepassionate:. A full vanity set created by me, fueled by the love of Terraria and the community.

It features a very lovable appearance, obviously indicated by the heart-themed armor and colour scheme.

The entire armor set has already been created, formatted, and is ready to be implemented if needed!

May Terraria and its community continue to thrive and prosper!

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Screenshot (5).png

The Travelers Set

Disclaimer: I am open to change the name and/or colors in the vanity if needed as long as I keep most of the original design.

Travelers Hood: I was hoping that you can change the color of the flame and eyes with dying your grapple.

Travelers Shirt: It is a stick with a flame and I wanted to give something unique to the standard look similar how the spider breastplate stands out.

Travelers boots: The boots are the most normal thing but I still want to keep the dying your grapple to make these colors change.
i made this set (ignore the white space near the boots)it is based of the ussr uniform. why: because why not. it would go on the player just like you would imagine


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This is my design. (Sorry if it’s not the greatest quality I’m not too good at pixel art.) I was thinking it would be a traffic cone hat, a safety vest for the torso, and reflective orange pants. Maybe it would have a 5% chance of dropping from an enemy when ran over with a cart. I would call it something like “safety first” set.

Good luck to everyone,
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