Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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I thought Trash Pandas would be a good addition
Time warp armor

Craft: some luminite bars + golden/platinum watch for each piece of armor.

Helmet: 18 defence; makes all watches (copper, tin, etc.) show time like their stronger version. Platinum and golden watches show milliseconds.
Chainmail: 30 defence; grants immunity to slow debuff; makes enchanted sundial recharge in 3 days rather than 7.
Greaves: 15 defence; time goes a bit faster while walking, a bit slower while standing (only affects day and night time, not the speed of enemies, attack speed, etc.)

Set bonus:
1. Reduces all potion cooldowns by 20%
2. RMB reverses the time by 10 seconds. The position of player and enemies, blocks, health, all is reversed. Cooldown - 1 minute.
3. +20% damage for each melee weapon containing letter "T" in its name.
+20% damage for each sorcerer weapon containing letter "I" in its name.
+20% damage for each ranged weapon containing letter "M" in its name.
+20% damage for each summoning weapon containing letter "E" in its name.

P.S. i did this weird picture in the paint
Time Warp Armor.png

I've made a vanity set idea and I named it the Bloodshot set and how you get it is by killing blood moon enemies or crimson enemies

the vanity set would consist of the
Bloodshot hood

Bloodshot chest plate

Bloodshot leggings

I would like to have the light red parts to have a dim glow to it
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My submission.JPG
I will call it "Comic Writing" since I like comics. I can't draw that well with the thing I was using and my mouse drawing skills aren't all that good. The hat is all blue and is a forwards baseball cap. The shirt has simple red stripes on it with the non-striped parts being black. And the pants are completely brown. If I need to say where you can find this set, I am thinking you can find parts of this set in the chests inside of those large trees you can go down into.
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terraria Vanity Contest (5).png
terraria Vanity Contest (5).png

So this Terrarian is wearing the Pulsing Soul's Electric set. This is his submission.

Vanity Colors & Details:
His Jacket has the colors White and different shades of Blue as the primary colors. Two pockets and a hood, with a white & light blue collar.
His pants is plain dark blue, with the shoes being white and light blue.
And the Headphones being white, light blue, black, and gray!

Vanity Definition:
"You feel shocking pulses travel through your body"

Vanity Set Names:
Hat - Pulsing's Beater
Torso - Pulsing's Electrical Jacket
Pants - Pulsing Electrical Jean's

Thank you for looking at my submission!


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    terraria Vanity Contest (4).png
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Armor Set: Wyrm Rider
Head: Wyrm Rider's Maw
Torso: Wyrm Rider's PlateMail
Legs: Wyrm Rider's Talons

Drop: Arch Wyverns / Wyverns

Hey guys! Created a wyvern inspired vanity set so players have more reason to go battle against them outside of farming souls of flight.
I'm not an artist, but I did the best I could. :p
I'd like to see the dragons of terraria get more attention in the future. :)
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Masked Medic Set.png

I'm doing this Just to Try :] I'm Excited to see who will be the lucky person/people that will get their Own Vanity Items [GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!] (also I forgot to paint colour the Bandage Mask)
my submission i call the beast. its simple, with fluffy hair, sharp nails, and EVIL, RED, EYES. any way hope u like it :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


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