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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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I present the Exo Hyperarmor!

Exo Hyperarmor.jpeg

I've been wanting to mod this idea into the game for a bit but I'm just not skilled enough, so I'm glad I finally have the chance for it to be in!
Good luck to other participants, and thank you Re-Logic for such a great game with great developers!
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Hello Terrarians!

This is the thread where you submit your entries for the Journey's End Vanity Contest! For more details about it, please check out the announcement thread!

  • Only one submission per person! If you make multiple submissions, we will select the first submission made, and the latter ones will be disqualified.
  • All Vanity entries must be the original work of the person submitting the idea - no stealing! (yes, we will look -_-)
  • Sprites from Terraria mods *ARE* allowed but only if you are the original creator of that artwork (this means the actual artist, not just anyone that happened to work on a given mod)
  • Direct lifts/overt references to other games/movies/tv shows/etc. are quite likely to be rejected (if we have to ask permission to use it, don't submit it ;) )
  • Please keep it PG-13 - nothing profane/offensive/etc. please
  • If you are looking for more guidance and next-level design tips, check out this link > Terraria Vanity Contest Best Practices & Design Tips

  • Entries should consist of a design that includes Head/Torso/Leg (aligned to those vanity armor slots in the game). We will not be including wings/dyes/weapons/etc. Sorry.
  • All entries must include artwork of some kind. This could mean anything from super-fancy hand drawn art to MS Paint-level scribbles. However, the art - and any accompanying descriptions - need to be able to clearly communicate the idea. If we have to struggle to understand the concept, it will hurt your chances of winning... and trying to guess art from just text is going to give all of us headaches.
  • If you have a name for your creation, please provide it.
  • Entries should be submitted by posting in this thread. ONLY entries will be permitted in this thread. If you want to discuss the contest or specific entries, feel free to do so in the announcement thread here, Discord, etc.
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2020 - NO EXCEPTIONS! :)

Please note that as stated above, ONLY submissions will be allowed in this thread. Non-submissions will be moved/removed by the moderator staff. You can ask questions or discuss the contest in the original thread!
Now, I already put an entry in, but this one is better so use this one. It's the fabled hero Rodriguez El Cazzoro, a character by door monster. I don't know if you need permission or not, but it would be cool.


  • Hero's_Bandana_Mask (1).png
    Hero's_Bandana_Mask (1).png
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  • Hero's_Shirt.png
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Shadowflame Warrior-1.png.png

Here, this is my submission: The Shadowflame Warrior set!
When the full vanity set is worn, a bunch of Shadowflame tentacles appear behind the armor (just to look cool, not actually hurting things), which then would make purple particles float off of them, kinda like the Meteor set.

I'd say the set could have a 1%-5% chance to drop from the Goblin Summoner, maybe.



I am sure I won't win with a bland design for a set like this, but I wanted to get some practice and get the general feel of Terraria's Vanity sets. It requires some work, but the general idea's there.
Modestly Primed Set
Plain Facemask
Vanity Item
Immunity to all the malice that dwells within [world name].
'Stay healthy y'all.'

= A plain white facemask.
Patchy Coat
Vanity Item
'Perfect for warming your body and your dead, cold heart.'

= A red dress or a red bodysuit underneath a big patched, rugged coat.
= The dress and back of the coat could flow with the character movement.
Fur Boots
Vanity Item
'No socks included.'
= Pair of boots. Could move a bit, as if they were coming off.

Maybe adding a glowmask on the fur bits of the set could add a bit of pizzazz, but that's pretty much it.
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Name: BwBW. Concept and art art are mine. The design suggests chaotic symmetry, the hands are opposite colours.
BwBW Terraria Entry.png

The Orange Parts would have a glow effect, and possibly, the Blue would be reflective. The whole thing would look like grey armour with Solar right arm and Frost Core left arm.
The head counts as a helmet, no hair shows. The shirt and pants are plain. Accessories would overlap the feet, but not the head. The inside of the helmet is like a furnace.
I would want the items to be obtainable (as a drop or somehow related to) The Twins mechanical boss.
I separated the headpiece, arms, and legs to the bottom right, to make editing easier. (I don't know how I would separate the torso from the arms, gibs don't do that in the game.)
I thought had a decent chance of winning, until I saw Chippy made a video -_-, there will be more people entering because of that. It was still a helpful and entertaining video, and more people might mean more quality in the winners' items. Alright, have a great day.


I don' know, couldn't get the file in here so like a mime idea with a black beret, black suspenders, black pants, a white and black striped shirt, and black and white face paint with red cheeks


T sprite finished.png

Here is my idea (not a great artist) it's an Australian fire fighter. This is just a rough edit of the guide NPC, the suit, boots and helmet are not great and probably need a redesign. I think this would be a great way to commemorate the firefighters of Australia to thank them for all the hard work they've done. Hope i win.

PS: I'm Australian.


Here is my submission. A snake costume; Sorry for the spectacularly awful animation, it's my first time animating anything. The good thing is that it's really simple and easy to understand. Just a snake costume.

A Snake costume. Sorry for bad animation - first time.
New Piskel.gif

Here is my submission, a badly animated snake. It's not just a snake costume. You are the snake. When the player is still, the snake is coiled up, and when they move, it does that. just... animated well. Maybe the tongue flicks out every so often. It's simple, true, but I would absolutely be blessed if it was picked.
New Piskel (1).gif


  • New Piskel.gif
    New Piskel.gif
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