Journey's End Vanity Contest!

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Submissions close at 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2020. Until then, you can edit or change your submission as many times as you wish. Once the deadline has passed, you can no longer edit or change your submission, so whatever is your current submission at that time will be considered as your final entry.

No, wings are outside the scope of this contest:
---------------The Old Guardian Armour---------------

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An old suit of armour lost thru time. It was said to be worn by the ancient protector of the land.
With excellence durability give the much dire protection to the user whilst its incredible weight makes one cumbersome at times.
Upon moving, the armour leave behind growth of flora from the footstep it make.
Once again, may the Old Guardian Armour protect all.

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Old Heavy Plate Helmet
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A vestigial helmet with flora spouting on it horns, yet providing the protection the user from a blunt trauma.

Old Heavy Plate Mail:
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An ancient armor once said to be been don by the ancient titans. A cradle that envelope the user protecting vital parts allowing the user to trades multiple blows

Old Armoured Leggings:
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Do not be fool but it nature of this leggings as such strange legging require the strength of the ancient to move yet providing the an the user an unyielding protection. For every step one make, it leave behind a trail of flora in it wake.

---------------The Old Guardian Armour---------------

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Wow it's over already...that was fast (not really I only heard about it last night :sigh:). I guess I missed out again. Oh well, good luck to all the entries.
You know, I don't think people putting their avatars and over-specific stuff in the contest have a chance of winning. Something more generalized like a Plague Doctor one I saw makes more sense.
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Terraria is a game I can play over and over again, without getting bored. I can't wait to see what Journey's End brings!
This sprite is one I came up with using a particular color scheme that I really like. It will be called Jianzhu's headgear, breastplate, and greaves.
I took inspiration from thinking about a Tiefling race, and using my favorite color-scheme.

Good luck everyone! I hope you all like it!
What did you use to make it?
Dose anyone know who LukeGames is because if you don’t then your all missing out on terraria drop offs go to Luke Games on YT and sub: I’m making a LukeGames vanity costume btw
This is my chance! I've made my own vanity set to use in modded playthroughs, and this is a good opportunity to show it off.

This is my entry, it is of my persona Umbren (Art by @sn0wys on Twitter, go check her art out!)
The tail is an added part of the chestplate, and the helmet should either be its own bandana, or have the added hairstyle like in the sprite included with the image.

Good luck to all participants! Really excited to see what entries will come from this contest.View attachment 237633
Wow this looks cool hope you get pick
Wow it's over already...that was fast (not really I only heard about it last night :sigh:). I guess I missed out again. Oh well, good luck to all the entries.
Why do you think it’s over already? The main post (it’s best to read allll of it :)) says submissions will be taken until April 13.

All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2020 - NO EXCEPTIONS! :)


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So here's a question: You say one submission per person, but can that submission have a variety of different made sets to work from? Like say submitting once and having 3 different themed vanity sets in that same image?
No, that counts as 3 submissions. One vanity only please.
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