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Journey's End Vanity Contest!


Everyone has the same odds of winning, no matter if their idea is presented as a drawing on paper or a well-executed art piece. Every single entry will be looked at.
To be fair though, aren't more detailed drawings more likely for success? Since the judges will have a better and clearer idea of what they're looking at and what exactly the drawings entail?


So I was thinking of a late game skin, View attachment 248251View attachment 248252
so it’s kinda like a cosmic queen, it could be dropped from the lunar cultists or crafted.
also the wings one the design are just aesthetic and will function as type of cape and just cover what ever wings you are actually using.
thank you for the chance to get my design out there :3
- ryan
I really like this one but I think there might be a small problem. Won't the judges only consider the head, legs and torso part? It says three pieces only, no wings, dyes etc.

Not Nathan

View attachment 248278
At first i didn't have an idea, but then i asked myself: ''Is there something that Terraria doesn't have? OH YES!! Samurais!"
And then i made this! I tried to make it look as much as a samurai as i could but adding some more details to the set.
My objective wasn't to make it realistic, it was to make it look cool as heck B)
Hope you like this, enjoy! : )
Lol i also made an samurai


Then that's not an advantage "the modding community" as a whole has, that's just an advantage individual people who are already good at spriting have. If this contest is rigged in favour of people who have already spent a considerable amount of their life honing their art skills (if it is at all), I personally wouldn't consider that an unfair advantage.

I can assure you that narrowing down what are as of yet over 3000 entries to a final selection takes far more time than designing three vanity sets, which is the only "hard work" Re-Logic is skipping on, considering they're still respriting and implementing the sets themselves.
I'll believe it when I see it. If you're planning on making sprites from scratch anyway, then I don't see why a visual is even necessary. Maybe backing Starbound (and yes, I know, different people) left a bad taste in my mouth, but I don't trust devs that expect the community to do work for them any more.



Greetings Terrarians!

The development team at Re-Logic were having a chat the other day about just how creative the Terraria community is - from art to music to in-game creations, you all are simply amazing. That got us to thinking... what better way to reward that creativity in the final Journey's End update than to give all of you creative geniuses a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your very own vanity armor design into the game itself?

That's right - we are giving everyone a chance to submit their own original ideas for Terraria Vanity Armor/Outfits (Head/Torso/Legs), and the winners will see their ideas make it into the game for the Journey's End update! This is your chance to design your own brand new vanity outfit that you'd like to see added to the game! This is sort of like finding that golden ticket and getting to visit the chocolate factory, except there is no tour and no lifetime supply of chocolate... only fame and glory and bragging rights forever listed in one of the best video games ever crafted.

As you might imagine, there are some rules and guidelines and such that are important for you to follow - however, inside of these guidelines, have at it! Anything your minds can dream up, we want to hear about it!

You can also check out the Contest Submission Thread to see current submissions!
Please note! ALL SUBMISSIONS must be posted in the submission thread! If they are only posted in this thread, they will not be considered valid!

  • Only one submission per person! If you make multiple submissions, we will select the first submission made, and the latter ones will be disqualified.
  • All Vanity entries must be the original work of the person submitting the idea - no stealing! (yes, we will look -_-)
  • Sprites from Terraria mods *ARE* allowed but only if you are the original creator of that artwork (this means the actual artist, not just anyone that happened to work on a given mod)
  • Direct lifts/overt references to other games/movies/tv shows/etc. are quite likely to be rejected (if we have to ask permission to use it, don't submit it ;) )
  • Please keep it PG-13 - nothing profane/offensive/etc. please
  • If you are looking for more guidance and next-level design tips, check out this link > Terraria Vanity Contest Best Practices & Design Tips

  • Entries should consist of a design that includes Head/Torso/Leg (aligned to those vanity armor slots in the game). We will not be including wings/dyes/weapons/etc. Sorry.
  • All entries must include artwork of some kind. This could mean anything from super-fancy hand drawn art to MS Paint-level scribbles. However, the art - and any accompanying descriptions - need to be able to clearly communicate the idea. If we have to struggle to understand the concept, it will hurt your chances of winning... and trying to guess art from just text is going to give all of us headaches.
  • If you have a name for your creation, please provide it.
  • Entries should be submitted by posting in the contest submission thread! Entries MUST be posted in the submission thread to be considered valid submissions! If you want to discuss the contest or specific entries, feel free to do so in this thread, Discord, etc.
  • All entries must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern Time on April 13th, 2020 - NO EXCEPTIONS! :)

  • The Re-Logic team will select a list of finalists from all of the entries that are submitted by 11:59pm Eastern on April 13, 2020. If this thread is locked, you are too late!
  • We will reveal the finalists on the Weekly Stream later that week (April 17th) , and then we will post them here after the stream.
  • These finalists will be submitted for a community vote across all of our community platforms (TCF, Social Media, Discord, etc) - voting will commence after the reveal steam and conclude in one week, on April 24th. Voting instructions will be provided at that time.
  • There will be no more than three (3) winning entries.

  • Re-Logic will directly contact the winners so that we can begin the process of adding your design into the game.
  • Please note that some creative license in regards to the interpretation on behalf of our artists is expected - so be flexible. (don't worry, we will make it amazing)
  • Re-Logic will have the final say on approval for the winning designs (actual art and text going in-game)
  • The winner's name will be included in some way in the tooltip and/or naming for the item, so that you can always pull it up in game to brag to your buddies. :cool:
  • Once we arrive on a final design, just wait for the day when Journey's End arrives and you can run around in your very own vanity creation!

  • By participating in the contest, you agree to relinquish all rights to your vanity design to Re-Logic for inclusion into the game. Winners will be required to sign a document to that effect.
  • If you are under the legal age to sign legal documents in your country (eg. Under 18 in most countries), you will need your parent or guardian to sign as well - so be sure to get that permission in advance! :)

How will you contact winners? Email?


Staff member
I've seen some people with concerns about this condition, so I wanted to clarify: This simply gives Re-Logic the rights to use the design, royalty-free, for anything they want, forever, and doesn't bar the creator from using the design themselves in their own creative work, right? I feel like some people might think twice if they knew they were losing their ability to use their own OCs, but I don't think Re-Logic would do that to people.
This is a legal protection that allows us to use the concept in-game without any legal entanglements. We are not after anything else in regards to exclusivity, etc.

In regards to "duplicative ideas".... I would see those falling into two camps:
  • Someone has a similar idea, but they execute on it in a demonstrably better way that makes the idea pop more and become more unique - that entry might rise to the top of that duplicative pile
  • All entries are more or less the same thing, nothing stands out, then we would likely take the "first entrant" as the initiator of the idea.

So - if you are not the first entrant then I would say take that extra time to really make your idea shine and be a unique variant of the core concept....

Unit One

Staff member
To be fair though, aren't more detailed drawings more likely for success? Since the judges will have a better and clearer idea of what they're looking at and what exactly the drawings entail?
If an idea is excellent and the visual rendering of it is enough to explain the great idea, but it was drawn on paper by someone with no artistic talent, it's going to get as much success as if it was made by someone with immense artistic talent using all the bells and whistles of an art program. But sure, if someone enters a mediocre idea and spends no time trying to visually represent the idea, just enters a crap drawing, that's not going to go well. :)
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