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Journey's End Vanity Contest!

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View attachment 261438Here is my entry, I hope you like it because it took me FOREVER. It is an item sold from the Dye Trader for 1 Platinum per piece in a Solar Eclipse if the Cyborg and Goblin Tinkerer have moved in and you have defeated Golem and Duke Fishron, then you can buy it.

P.S. can someone pls tell me if this the wrong spot so I can put it in the right spot
The right place is here: Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread
I don't know how people keep missing it.


View attachment 250095
Very excited to finally finish up all the sprite work for this!

This is my entry to the Journey's End Terraria Vanity Challenge Once in a Lifetime Experience! (or whatever its called) and I'm pretty dang im excited

So here we got my little Outfit! I haven't put much thought into names, a friend recommended "Rookmail" which i thought was very unique, but if my Username has to be involved in some way, then i thought
"Swivels Moving Castle" would be funny

View attachment 250101
I wanted to make something bulky, similar to the Turtle or Beetle armor, so I made this set to make it look like your character is a little walking castle. I thought it would be the perfect outfit to wear for a Tank or Melee play through ontop of some other, high-grade armor!

I always liked how Terraria over time, despite the addition of laser cannons and U.F.O Spaceships still has the Medieval vibe, contrasting Sci-fi with Fantasy!

so, I wanted to make an outfit that reflected the latter of those two, very different design choices, Making a little Fantasy castle that you can wear and travel around the world in!

(The yellow segments are supposed to be little windows, or Arrow slits in the castle walls glowing bright, with flags poking out atop the two battlements making up the characters shoulders, and the third battlement on his head!)

View attachment 250098
(Separate Vanity Slot Pieces)

For specific details I would love on the finished outfit, I put together this very simple Flag Waving Animation
(which might not be possible for outfits within Terraria's engine, if so, I wasn't aware when I made it, I just thought it would look cool!)

For a personal preference, I would make the yellow sections of the outfit to be
Glow-masks, which I think would be a nice touch if you are wearing it in the dark.

Seeing the 3 slits on the helmet beaming out

GOLDEN LIGHT! would be cool
View attachment 250099

I like the little design i came up with, I feel it would fit into Terraria's world, which was my intention when making it!
Best of luck to everyone else who submitted an entry to the contest!!!

This thing is absolutely Legendary, I hope you win :)

Ocram Execution

Will the winners of the competition gain a special rank... (rank as In the name underneath our usernames.... like how I got spazmastim under mine)


Official Terrarian
Not sure what you mean by character creation software - but you can't enter if you didn't create the art yourself.
Don't worry too much about your profile representing the games you've bought, but to edit it you should just edit your account settings.

Yes, every submission will be looked at.

You don't have to animate, but it could help to explain your idea.
thank you sorry it thock 3 days to reply


I'm not mmuch of a designer or an artist, but I was thinking maybe a Vanity set in which it changes depending on which biome you are, for example: It could be cyan when in the Hallow, Red when in the crimson, Black in the underworld, gray in Caves, and so on. with a color that matches the biome.

And it could drop from one of the new bosses added.


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Do we have any say in the names of the items? Or will they simply be called [Creator Name]'s clothes?
You're welcome to suggest names, but the ultimate decision comes down to ReLogic. I would say however that they're unlikely to be called '[Creator Name]'s clothes'.

Unit One

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How do I watch the stream?
The stream takes place every Friday (normally at 1PM Pacific/4PM Eastern) on Terraria's twitch channel here: twitch.tv/terrariaofficial The finalists will be revealed on the Weekly Stream April 17th, and then will be posted here (at the forums) after the stream.

It wont let me attach it
Hi there @OmegaGaming, the contest entries should be entered here: Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread
To upload your artwork, click the Attach Files button on the bottom left of the reply box. Choose your file and it will upload. Then you can choose to insert a thumbnail or full size.

Why did the amount of likes on my post get reset? My validity ;(
(Not actually sad just curious)
Hi @|.Terrarian.|, there's nothing wrong with your entry, its validity is fine. :) No worries there. There was a technical glitch and likes got reset on some posts, sorry about that! Be assured though that likes have nothing to do with the review process. Re-Logic is not going to choose the finalists based on the likes it receives in the submissions thread.


View attachment 252849
Sorry for the blur, I didn't know how to stop it (It looked better without the blur)

This is my submission The Toxic Set

It is a hazmat suit. It could be obtained with a small chance of dropping each piece from any enemy from the jungle.
One suggestion for it would be that it has a faint green glow or radioactive green coming out of the feet when you walk (How it looks with dryad's blessing)
Another thing I think would be cool is the mask is semi-transparent so you can see the original character.
Oh snap! I didn't see yours before submitting something similar. Solid idea - good luck!

Ocram Execution

why are some people submitting here and not the submission thread.... also.... this caused attention because everyone wants to get mentioned in terraria and be popular... I just submitted for fun in the right place.


so can the outfit change depending on what you are doing like changing when you are at certain percent of your health similar to the dye that changes color to your health . also can the vanity set change when you are fishing and riding on a minecart.

Unit One

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Can our design be like the mechanical cart, dropping in 3 separate pieces?
Re-Logic will decide how the pieces are acquired. :)

so can the outfit change depending on what you are doing like changing when you are at certain percent of your health similar to the dye that changes color to your health . also can the vanity set change when you are fishing and riding on a minecart.
That sounds a bit too complex. You can try and go ahead and submit something like that, but realize that it may be out of the scope of what’s needed/wanted.


Do I just post my entry here??

XD I forgot to post the name..... it is called the horned warrior vanity set or for short horned warrior
yo what we wrote the same thing

I don't have a good name for this vanity armor yet, but this is my glitched armor. It has a glitched effect and will spas-out every once in a while. I've created a GIF of what the Glitching might look like and a template of all the parts. Even if the effect can not be achieved I think the Armor itself look cool. I gave him a long sleek hood with a white scarf and short wizards cloak, I was inspired by the nebula armor and based my idea off of its cool effects and design. I think Its a really cool effect and if the Developers could make it I think it would be amazing. Pleas let me know what you think and good luck to all contestants!
View attachment 262064
View attachment 262067
yo this is so going to winnnnn
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