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Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by DarkPhoenix, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. DarkPhoenix

    DarkPhoenix Terrarian

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  2. Mairek

    Mairek Skeletron

    Looks interesting. Good luck with that! :happy:
  3. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Looks so good! I hyped!
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  4. KittyKitCatCat

    KittyKitCatCat Skeletron Prime

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  5. Zekkonex

    Zekkonex Terrarian

    nice castle! mod looks cool!
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  6. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Loving the look of this so far! I’ll be watching it :)
  7. Girder

    Girder Terrarian

    So does this generate structures when you gen a new world? I'd try it out just for that. The posted images are sweet.
  8. KittyKitCatCat

    KittyKitCatCat Skeletron Prime

    Im wondering that aswell, how is the structure system going to work. Since you know, if it generates always the same structure its gonna be boring.
    From the thread it seems that you've promised to have structures in the mod based of posted pictures, if thats not the case then the only thing that in my opinion makes this mod interesting would be gone, since the spritework isnt exactly the greatest.

    Now that ive shown my point ill await your response.
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  9. ora003

    ora003 Terrarian

    Is the castle a generated structure ? if it is then that is awesome!
  10. Girder

    Girder Terrarian

    Is this on tModloader yet? Is there some other way to get your mod to try it out?
  11. TOMKA

    TOMKA Terrarian

    Is this mod dead? I hope it isn't because it looks very good and very promising.
  12. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    The broken discord link and The mod author himself being inactive for months (with only 2 posts since he joined, this being one of them) says otherwise.

    Also, 2 of those team members went on to work on much larger mods so I guess this one fall apart at the seams. Sad