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PC Jungle house being attacked by a giant Plantera


Hope you like it! I spent 14 nonstop hours working on it, and it is all built in-game. I didn't use any tEdit, but I did use Terrahax for fullbright, godmode, and spawning building materials.


And here's a map view for anyone interested...

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Perfect textured plantera with awesome lighting.
It delights our eyes.

Really nice, really cool and nice work !


Headless Horseman
Tis looks amazing :eek:
Usually I don't like pixel art but this doesn't even feel like pixel art.. it's like .... a real *meowing* giant plantera attacking a house :eek:
Good job dude :eek: meow

Pinky Slime

This is really good! The detail and the structure make it work really well :dryadhappy:

However, the minimap makes it look like Plantera has had a problem with her saturation :dryadtongue:


this doesn't even feel like pixel art.. it's like .... a real *meowing* giant plantera attacking a house :eek:
That's what I was going for! I actually said this to one of my friends while I was building it (censored for the faint of heart):
"JereTheJuggler: i'm also using sloped blocks to smooth out the picture
JereTheJuggler: i don't want it to look like plantera pixel art, i want it to look like there is an actual [living] plantera coming to [mess] [stuff] up"


Yeah it looks very fitting with the environment, I'm not usually a fan of the pixel art thing but some things are just too impressive to not enjoy, this being a perfect example. Good job! I hope you share more creations with us :)
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