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    Just another tree. Damn, those things go round fast. Well, I suppose that I don't have to linger and best get on the point.
    Introduction: Heyo!

    But seriously though, a bit about myself is that I do like jokes, something to laugh with or even just chuckle. So crack that smile and be like that egg that screamed "omelet!" (I tried.)
    Okay, I like writing. That was an understatement, I enjoy writing to the point that sometimes it can be called an obsession, though not typically best with things like introductions, I'll admit to that. I enjoy drawing and making general art, but if it's with graphite, it's a person or a building, and if it's in Terraria, it's anything but Pixel Art (Sorry pixel art lovers!)
    Otherwise, I like going around and saving pictures. Most often, scenic pictures. Generally, anything that either catches my eye or makes me think, "that's worth over a billion words" (like a picture of a forest.)
    Favorite TV show: Doctor Who (because you know, it's the doctor.)
    Favorite Color: White (same color as every paper before I begin!)
    Favorite Food: Apples (one a day keeps the doctor at bay)
    Favorite Game: Terraria (Well, it's common sense :p)
    Favorite Quote: (I'll get back to this later... seriously, I had a brain fart.)
    But ultimately! If you want to bother me, feel free! Though I'm not so certain about a response time. I've got to meet my new years resolutions and all that, ya know.
    Which brings me to my new years res! It might be a bit late, but it's still January, so here we go:

    Write twenty four COMPLETED stories (the completed part, I have found, was an issue in the last two years.)
    Take down Christmas lights before March (amazingly, it's already done! No more lights... like magic! Already better than last year)
    Read, read, read.
    Do better at school than last year.
    No Slacking! (Also an issue in the last two years or so. About as far as I can remember)

    I wouldn't say that was boring, but if you found it so, then here: jokes (this is my element)
    Okay, well probably not so. But I have to ask, water you doing?
    HOH HOH HOH, bet you didn't sea that coming.
    Yeah no, that was pretty bad already. God, guess I didn't make such a big splash.
    Okay, should probably stop now, but I can't stop the flow.
    Yeah no, I'm just draining my arsenal
    Oh god, these are genuinely cringe worthy. I think I'm going to stop now.
    "Sea Ya!" said the jester as he waved farewell.
    Gotta get that last bit in.

    - Local Tree. Made with lots of care, a bit of brain cells, and a bit of thought.
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    Let me tell you a joke so two goblins walk into a bar, and one says to the other Want to get a Goblet of beer?!'