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HD KATTUI - A Terraria Interface Pack by Techdude594 and Kiddles

What do you think of this UI pack?

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Download link seems to be down, would you be kind enough to upload it gain?
That's exactly what I was about to post, but yeah. I'd like to second this. I just got Terraria gifted to me by a friend so I decided to check out what mods there are for it. And every time I find one, it's either a dead Mediafire or Dropbox link, like this one.

Do people just not care about this anymore, or what?


Does anyone know why this happens with:


(the item box background circle thing, that is - but also the purple lines in the background)?

thanks 🍻


Skeletron Prime
You seem to be using mods, those are very likely causing the purple lines in the background. The circles in the item boxes is a gradient effect, that is intentional.


Well, it's weird, I only get the purple lines on one world (so far), and only some of the time.

Similarly I only occasionally get those bright background circles in my inventory.

In any event, when those happen it certainly doesn't break the game and the other improvements definitely out weigh the minor annoyance.

Well, cheers and thank for the great work 🍻

EDIT: apparently I was logging in at night when that background gradient on the inventory isn't so noticeable, but once day came around it was. So I've switched to the 1st option, matte, and all is right with the world
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I am here from a reddit post saying this is an old 1.1 style texture pack. where is it?
The texture pack? First post of the thread. And I wouldn't call it old, I've been using it just fine for some time now (the issues I had noted above seem to have been conflicts with Terraria Overhaul mod).


Official Terrarian
Greetings Terrarians! Welcome to KATTUI! Kiddles' and Techdude's Terraria UI!

OVERVIEW: KATTUI is a Terraria Texture Pack that focuses on overhauling the UI. This includes THREE completely new options for the UI, which includes in-game, settings menus, controller support, and more! We also have plenty of custom cursors and fonts to make things easier to read, and to make the cursor easier to identify!

Kiddles: Main Artist for KATTUI, original creator of Svard's Interface Mod, one of the inspirations for this pack!
Techdude594: Creator of KATTUI, artist, and thread manager.
Testing_1_2: Inspiration for KATTUI, original creator of Testing_1_2's Interface Mod.
Army Frog: Help with KATTUI.
Zanderstorm: Help with KATTUI.

SHOUTOUTS: Army Frog and Zanderstorm have helped us with KATTUI, and have great texture packs that will eventually be supported by KATTUI! Links below to check them out!

Dropbox - Link not found

INSTALLATION GUIDE: Included in the download link!

BANNER SUPPORT: If you guys would like to further support our pack, copy and paste the URL into your signature! Thanks for the support!


v 1.0: Initial Release - 8/16/2016
v 1.0.1: Edited a few inventory sprites - 8/16/2016
v 1.0.2: Edited a few panel sprites - 8/16/2016
v.1.0.3: Edited Mana Star Sprite - 9/3/2016
v 1.1: Added a new folder to the texture pack! 9/4/2016
v Added more sprites to the new folder! 9/4/2016

v 1.2: Added TONS of new cursors, fonts, new textures, and a WHOLE NEW OPTION! There is also a new thread with this option! 11/20/16
v1.2.0.1: Fixed a bug where the experimental texture pack support did not work. 12/3/16

v 1.3: Coming Soon! Will add support for multiple upcoming texture packs!

As always, thank you guys for checking out our texture pack!
This is a labor of love, and we expect nothing in return! We would just like to thank Re-Logic for creating this incredible game! This wouldn't be possible without you!
I clicked the download link and it takes me to a 404 page. Can you help?


Skeletron Prime
This texture pack is defunct, no longer in development. TTE has replaced it, and will be updated/rebranded fairly soon.
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