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Pixel Art Kerem(Me) made sprites from my collection! & howdy!

My sprites...

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Official Terrarian
Oh boy! It's about time that I need to get out from shadows! It' s boring around here actually but I believe I can spice it up with my skills.
I'm not taking requests; because I encourage you to sprite too.:)
I'm not good at huge sprites but others; let's go baby! Actually I can do them but it will take me an eternity to finish least one of them.
So lets upload some dope sprites:
soul raw material renew.png

Ell lights(soul raw materials), true lights(angel's raw material) & others

Gold standart whey(for your muscles). Just don't take over amount.(Even the H2O's over amount kills you! More we know!)

scout weapons.png

So someone tried make tf2 mod and made some sprites: but all tho, they needed some remakes: so i remade them and added new things to them to such as christmas version of a shotgun, australlium scattergun and shortstop pistol with Bla2e's weapon palettes.
(And there are 3 Bla2e's sprites here to complete the set but i don't own his sprites.)

So this is my favourite one: this is a ancient bird being called diatyrma. Straight savage massive birds that eat ancestors of horses. If they lived in modern life tho... they would attack the regular horses.

Moas: you know them! But interesthing enough they managed live up to 17th century. But geographic expeditions what made them eradicated.:(

Omg! Look what i did just make: dragons: they have only one type but with their power of advanced adaptation their types are fire(regular), ice, dark(shadowflame), phantasm(soul), cursedfire, ichorfire, thistlefire(contagion)(ps i did sprited them but those are for tomowrow.:))

Un-adaptable kind: ender-dragon
crystal dragon.png

Un-adaptable kind: crystal dragon: made by zero exodus, heavily rewamped by me. Ability to shoot lasers.
stardust dragon.png

Stardust dragon: crystal dragon's lunar counterpart and stronger one. And made it more dragon like btw.(ps. since they're much more stronger and clever; you can only summon 1 of them!)

Drakes: Unlike dragons; they're dummer, they can't adapt, their fires are poisonius but they have greater movement mobility and like dragons; they also have ender counterpart.
wolves(red, mongolian, mexican, grey, russian, polar, dire).png

Wolves: red, mongolian, mexican, grey, russian, winter, dire. More realistic wolves.

Your not the only one that played whole kingdom rush series. This is bandersnatch. From kingdom rush origins i say.
echo flower tiles.png

My version of echo flowers in undertale.
Elderberry plant states.png

Elderberries from calamity mod now has ability of grown in a bush.:)

Non-special flowers for ambiance.
life fruit growth states.png

Life fruits has a growth cycles and farming functions now!:)

Senzu bean. Why not?
sonic monitors.png

Sonic monitors:D 10 rings, 25 rings, ring combiner, 5-50 rings, energy shield, life shield, elemental shields, spike shield, speed boost, slowness, jump boost, invincibility, 1up, eggman, time boost, time down & random monitors.:)
turkey(male - female).png

Those are my versions of turkeys. Male is being prettiest while female is regular. Did you know? When they first discovered they weren't so fat. Time and time they gained more weight. Talk about more meat service.;)

Delirium: true void master: bane of your existance: symbolises dreams and realities endpoint. First debut: the binding of isaac afterbirth +. Now he has 25m/37,5m/50m hp. Good luck beating him.:)
PhantomRuby(tool)(death egg expert revengeance).png

Phantom ruby: an enigmatic gem that contain soul of Infinite: a limitless foe to be exact.;)
Gelon fruit plant.png

Graydee's "realistic" gelons. They now have growth cycle.
338T hunting sniper.png

Let's go hunting with this triple scoped hunting rifle.>:)

Awards: trophies, medallaions, medals. Bases: trophies by starbound, medallions and medallion heads by zoomo. Improvements by me.
But i deserve the platinum.:D

Now that's a cool one: barret-50cal. This guy can one-shot the tanks with it's 50cal ammunation. Shocking ain't it?
benelli nova tactical.png

Benelli nova tactical. Wanna go hunting with me for some venison?

This is for JPAN: freezing fishing knife.

This is for JPAN too: inferno fishing knife. After that one player needs fractalite fishing knife.
true knife.png

True knife: 99999999999999999999999dmg. Here we are! It's about time to have good time!:)

Sonichogs: Unlike hedgehogs: they don't carry cancer & rabies. They won't get nearly blind & deficate all the time while running. But just like hedgehogs: male ones eat their on babies.:(
regular shark types.png

Sharks: regular shark with to palette.
special shark types.png

Special shark types "realistic anatomy" edition.

New rage inducing enemy called: kafirun. Means this is true form of heretic. They know Allah(God)'s existance but they refused to go it's path. They're are one with Sheytan(Satan). Casting forbidden spells is in their nature. Just good luck beating them.:)
ronald mcdonalds natural treasures.png

cannibal set.png

Kingdom rush frontier style cannibal set.:)
notch's diamond sword.png

Base: by Eli: idea, edits, colors: by me: i present you the notch's diamond sword.

Now the fishes: zoomo attemped first, anubscorbiak did second and i used those to finish them all. Killing them on water have %50 chance to drop their item form. You can do it if you want to.:)
fishes 2.png

Part 2 of the fishes mates: now you can see them in water.
utility fish mobs.png

Utility fish mobs: anubscorbiak did most of them, miltvala did the crimson hatchetfish's item form, and i finished this.
bunnies renew.png

Bunnies: terraria's most iconic creatures with major realism on their bodies. And i did hare too.
child of kawa minion.png

Can only be used by ben gallados: child of kawa minion rewamped.:)
elin la verde.png

Elin la verde.:3. Oc in terraria style with her old and new attires.:)
creepers renewed.png

Realistic creepers? Ohhhhhh nooo.:(
mices & rats renewed.png

Mices are renewed by me + venomious hostile rats!:( Did you know? Venom equals as hemotoxic poison.:)
metal slim-ECH(boss).png

Metal version of king slime. Difficulty: slime gods < metal slime-ECH < astral slime. :)
Destroyer Updated.png

Destroyer rewamped with ultimate goodness: best shading: re-logic, best shape: brutallama, all-in-one combo: me.:)
demon spawn, demon lord, demon legion, fire imp, flareon, imporer, gluemon.png

Demons renewed with kingdom rush style: demon spawn, demon lord, demon legion, gluemon that who will drop the unholy trident, renewed imp, flareon, imporer(classic demon style).:)
bats renew.png

Bats: renewed. First row is passive now, second row is neutral(new idea: friendly till you attack), others are hostile.
elementals renewed.png

Elementals big rewamp.:)
Row 1: martial, fire, ice, psychic, dark, life(grass), ground, atomic(steel), poison, granite, shadowflame, brimstone, anarchic
Row 2: normal, electric, water, ghost, light, death, rock, fairy, air, cursedfire, ichorfire, wither, chaos, order, mist
celestial elementals - ender elemental.png

Space elementals: solar, vortex, nebula, stardust, cosmic --- ender-. :)
bedbug(male - female).png

Silverfish: hostiles that are hide in stone blocks.
Bedbug: same as silverfishes except they hide in wood planks and they're much more hostile.
Skeletron Prime Updated.png

Skeletron prime has been renewed with: shape of brutallama and shading of re-logic.:)
aluminum bar & ore(industrial).png

Aluminum: industrial and can't be used in battle: highly corrosive that can cause rust poisoning and it's very weak(like copper)!:)

Diverman sam, it is for your usage: banjo but advanced banjo: greater than eskimo banjo.
BG tools.png
BG PathFinder 28, BG's one, canteen, D-tour GPS.png
BG dart rifle.png

I'm a huge Bear Grylls fan. So I sprited every bg tools for survival.:)
borax - boron(industrial).png
astro-steel(niobium + titanium + nickel)(industrial).png
osmium bar & ore(industrial).png
solder bar(tin + lead)(industrial).png
tungsteel(iron + tungsten + carbon)(industrial).png
invar(nickel + iron)(industrial alloy).png
carbon bar & ore(industrial).png
phosporus(smelted from phospath gems)(industrial).png
Charcoal - peat, lignite, sub-bitominous, bitominous, anthracite coal.png
graphite coal.png
soil extracted metals(industrial).png
zirconium(zircon's extracted pure form)(industrial).png
niobium crystal - niobium bar(industrial).png
manganese ore & bar(industrial).png
all gas elements - rubidium, flourine, chlorine, bromine, mercury - selenium(industrial).png
realgar(arsenic crystal) - arsenic.png

Industry: solder and tungsteel is not mine and i do not own them. Carbon ore is there right? Well you need to destroy an evil altar to bless your world with pure carbon instead of the graphites and coals. Extract the soils with extractinator to get soil metals. Gas canister bases by snailsattack.:)
currency renewed.png

What happens if terraria uses modern currency: this happens. Currency is combined item. There will be 00000000000.00T on your currency as you play. Credit card bases by yaster goodman. Our coins will be banking currency. Instead of copper: there will be bronze. Rhodium color by sergo.:)

Blaze: from minecraft: will spawn in underworld.

Ohhhhhhhhh.... this one: from terrariaonline days: made by someone, heavily rewamped by me. Shading is nice. This is more reallistic sized cows. And there's three types of mushcows: cultivated, red and glowing one.:)
cows 2(water buffalos).png

Closest to cows and olso domesticated ones are water buffalos. Their milks have more fat. Making them more useful at making sweet pastries.
musk ox - bison - buffalo(american bison) - african bison - gorgons.png

Buffalo types and gorgons.:D

Dingo, spotted hyanea, coyote, jackal.:)
soul raw material part 2, corruption.png

Soul raw material can slowy get corrupted after listenning Sheytan(Satan) a lot. There's anti-determination which is Chara, fear which is Bete Noire.:)
crafting bench - tinkering bench - engineering bench - armor & item fabricator tiles.png

If I were redigit: I would remove workbenches and add new ones: crafting bench is guide's gift and it's craftable too. Next up we have tinkering bench which is level 2 version of crafting bench. Level 3 has advanced tinkering function and more recipes at hand. Level 4: brutallama for arcane armor fabricator & izabelle for bounty hunter station: 2 of them combined with luminite: lvl.4 of the bench: architect's techtable.:)
Portable_Transmutation_Tablet placed.png

There's a bit error on this one: pixel error. Well this time it can pass: why? Because this symbol! i tried everything to make it fit but i failed this time. This is an alchemic symbol of transmutation. That's right. Transmutation tablet from tekkit is back. But it requires dark matter(from thorium mod) and philosopher's stone to make.:)
smithy furnace - blast furnace - advanced furnace - soul furnace tile.png

This is the one i worked least amount: furnaces renewed, yes. But level 1 is vanilla first, 2nd one is blast furnace by someone but has been remade by me, 3rd one is olso from someone but rewamped by me, final level one is from thorium mod.:)(Unlike red: i will be more idea accepting.)
primitive furnace -  modern furnace - advanced furnace - atomic furnace tile.png

Instead of soul forge: there's atomic furnace. Atoms that formed powers: you're using those to advance further. Thanks starbound.:)
forge stations tile.png

Unlike the previous one: i worked more. Level 1 is an anvil, level 2 is anvil forge(from starbaund), lvl.3 is modern anvil forge(olso from starbound). You're already know the final level. Loom by vanilla, modern loom by jestex(RIP): rewamped by me. Washing machine by zoomo but rewamped. Mega-forge by dragonith in starbound but terraria styled by me.:) Viking anvil(by jestex: i will miss his everthing(even himself)). Smithy's furnace set by chadwick. Reason it it here because it's a good furnace and anvil combo. But it can smelt and forge.:)
Update 1:
anvil - forge - modern forge - replicator tile.png

Primary forges: 1st stage is vanilla anvil. 4th stage is forge replicator from starbound.:)
Update 2:
mega-replicator -- viking anvil - smithy furnace set tile.png

Secondary forges. You know them:)
Update 3:
loom - basic, techno sewing machine -- basic, qualified washing machine tile.png

Loom now has 3rd stage which is techno sewing machine. Washing machine now has 2nd stage:)
alchemy table - alchem station - chemistry station - crystal ball - enchanting table tile.png

Alchemy table is from vanilla: but it's lvl.2 version can make more potions and flasks! Chemistry table for basic chemistry. Crystal ball from vanilla. Enchantment table: by me.:)
Update 1:
alchemy table - alchemy station - alchemethorium tiles.png

Alchemy table has a 3rd stage now: which is alchemethorium.:)
Update 2:
chemistry station tile.png

Chemistry table. Retex: Why?:
Update 3:
apothecary - medical table - medical station tiles.png

Healing things made here! Lvl.1: apothecary, next is medical table and last: medical station.:)
Update 4:
crystal ball - enchanting table tile.png

They're not removed! So don't worry!
foraging table - wayfaring table - agricultural table tiles.png

Tools for survival are made here:
Foraging, wayfaring, agricultural table from starbound.:)
carpenter workbench - heavy workbench -- project-deco-n tiles.png

Furnitures you say? Well, here's the carpenter's table then heavy workbench. Project-deco-en is a martian project but you'll get in pre-hardmode in quests(if those existed). Purpose is making furniture out of impossible items.:) Horewer! It's not done yet: glass kiln & clay spinning table is pending.:)
basic, thaumic, yharim's enchanting - basic, brimstone, kafirun's cursing tables tiles.png

Enchantment tables adds enchantments to your items, but cursing tables adds Curses to your tools to affect other players. #bewitchingtocursing. Worry not tho, there will be another station that will be new bewitching table.:)
basic, advanced claywork table -- glass kiln - meat grinder - blend-o-matic - solidifier tiles.png

Other furniture stations and block making stations.:)

Thats it for today.
Stay tuned for tomowrow with better internet. XD
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Skeletron Prime
It's that random time where i go back on back on the Terraria forums just to look around. @kerembarsbey nice remakes of my TF2 weapons, some of mine weren't good to begin with. I couldn't care less if you used those sprites since I don't really play Terraria anymore or mod. Also nice Delirium profile pic. I beat him yesterday in BOIA+ really close fight! https://imgur.com/a/4vadU If you care to see some pics of it.


Really nice sprites, my friend! I liked the different cows the most because I think that we need some more passive creatures in our Terraria worlds. Good job! : D
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