Keyboard + Mouse or Controller?

Which one do you prefer?

  • Keyboard + Mouse

    Votes: 22 91.7%
  • Controller

    Votes: 2 8.3%

  • Total voters


Empress of Light
While it's pretty obvious that the majority uses the Keyboard + Mouse for PC Terraria, I'm curious what the balance actually is between the two in terms of who uses what. I personally prefer the controller, it's definitely much better than the current Console controller setup, since there's a lot more customization, and there's the targeting ability.
MnK is much more fluid and easier to play with, in my opinion.
On Console (where I usually play) the analog stick is pretty slow if you're not using Smart Cursos. We don't have lock-on mode, so it makes it kind of a challenge to actually hit some enemies if you're a mage or if you're a ranger. For instance, the Blizzard Staff is highly inaccurate and actually takes LEARNING in order to aim it correctly.

Not sure how controllers are on PC, but I assume they're in a better state.
Depends on what I am doing within the game, and where I am playing it. Console would be obvious. Since I have not gotten around to getting it for the x1 yet...

PC I use the controller to get around, but not against using the keyboard. I started on console, so that is the reason for using a controller mostly.

For building I would rather use the keyboard though, since makes easier to build walls and structures.

So my preference is both or in between the two.
After transferring to PC Terraria, (from Xbox 360) I found that the Keyboard + Mouse is a lot more comfortable to use.

Controllers are still fine, but IMO Keyboard + Mouse offers more freedom and quicker movements.

However, I respect your opinions!
I've only used keyboard controls since as far as I can remenbver, until recently. I bought an x-box 360 controller since a game recommended it be used, and decided to try it on Terraria. It feels like the console edition with 1.3 in my opinion.

I am WAY better with keyboard + mouse, but open to controller if I feel like it.
I play on a laptop. I have it elevated off of my desk about 6 or 7 inches because I found I was getting neck strain playing with it just on my desk. I always used a controller anyway, but having the keyboard up off the desk is less comfortable if I wanted to use the WASD keys. I will use the mouse if something happens that requires moving the cursor around in a quick and accurate manner. Like boss fights for instance.
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