Kill the person above you.

Yes i am.....idk
[doublepost=1519453749,1519453605][/doublepost]You cant breathe too, like him
And you will run to hospital! Like this
:indifferent:Do you love Python?
Of course..NO! `:mad:
Because he is ....Gay?`:rolleyes:
:mad:Hey he is not gay!!!
Oh okay, idk about him Bye!!`:naughty:
What? ':eek:
:passionate:I love you!
':eek:Whaaaat???? GAY!
o_OWhat? You said im gay?
~:pYes now its me!
:eek:;( The hax!!!!!!!
[doublepost=1519454595,1519454281][/doublepost]Dan M was brutally dissected with a seed
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