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Kin's Terraria 2x pack [misc]


Hello, I come bearing sprites!, recently I did some work on Terraria's sprites to give them a more HD look. I tried to keep somewhat close to the originals but touching up the palette/shape here and there.

I'm posting this now as I'm not likely to do too much more and felt like sharing what I have done, I may post more in the future but as of now this is it.

Some examples:



Download (3/16/2019):
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maybe, you could go help armyfrog with HIS HD pack!
here's the discord if you wanna check it out!
I didn't realize you were the same one who found my discord id from a few days ago, sorry about blocking you, I've been apart of his discord since posting this.
I'm busy with other things at the moment, I originally offered to help with his pack but he brushed it off so I've moved on to other things, I talked with him a moment ago and perhaps in the future I'll come back to it.
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