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Kira Ideas & random thoughts


Official Terrarian
I was thinking about my mod and then many ideas and random thoughts came to my head, so I decided to make a post about it (sprites included, some)

Broken magic mirror

This is the broken magic mirror that will serve as the teleportation potion, just like the magic mirror, it is infinite.

It would be obtained in a random way in the chests of underworld, although it can also be crafted with 3 teleporting potions and 1 magic mirror.

Worm minecart

For this one i dont have a sprite (srry) but if I have the idea, this would be a minecart with worm thematics that would have 3 minecarts in the back where more players could mount save objects or even mount critters and enemies

Weapon dyes

Yes, I know ... this idea was already suggested many times but I will still put it here, because I LOVE this idea. Normally we paint the armor with some dye but then the weapon does not match the armor so because we do not add the dyes of weapons. they would exactly work like hair dyes, only what you would do is select the gun and then click on the dye you want to put on it and you will have your gun painted, these would be sold by the arms dealer and sometimes with the strange plants with the dye trader
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Omega Derpling

I love these ideas! The broken magic mirror would be godlike for speedrunning and the worm minecart would be a fun way to transport multiple people!


Eye of Cthulhu
I love those ideas! The broken Mirror sounds super useful for fast exploration (and to get teleported where you shouldn't!).
The worm minecart is a neat idea, It would make multiplayer experience much more fun! And it would probably look nice! It should be like a rare drop for any worm enemy (except wyvern, and leeches, as they aren't worms)
And for dyes, I suggested it too :D


Neat idea, but I would suggest a cooldown on the Broken Mirror. If I'm thinking about this the right way, one could abuse it to regen stall the Moon Lord, as the Moon Lord has a delay before finally catching up to the player via teleport. In that time, the player could easily teleport away themselves, forcing the Moon Lord into a state where it cannot harm the player(unless the player teleports not far from the point they were.)

In fact, this could probably be abused with normal Teleportation Potions. I'm not quite sure, so I can go test this right now. Even then, procuring such an amount of the potion would be more than tedious.

EDIT: I tested using Teleportation Potions, and doesn't work out as I thought it would. It doesn't stop you from getting hit by the attacks as they carry over when he teleports, so this suggestion seems balanced enough. Support from me!
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