Drawings & Paintings Krysta's Sketchbook!

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  1. This is where I'll be posting my artwork. I hope you all enjoy my work, and feel free to post any requests! :dryadpassionate:

    My TERA Rising OC, the Goddess Fyregem:

    A chibi Fi from Skyward Sword:

    My friend Tiana's Elin OC, Adelyn:

    Another friend's OC, named Sandra:
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  2. Fyregem Reference Sheet W.I.P.
    The big space to the right is where I’ll be adding her scythe, and the hearts serve as the color palette.
    Fyregem Reference Sheet WIP.png

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    This is really well drawn. Keep it up :)
  4. Thank you! :dryadhappy:
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  5. Reference sheet has been updated! :dryadpassionate:

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    Erm, a Discord friend of mine by the name of Crystal U. has a request for her Player Character. Since she does not have a TCF account at the moment, I can file it on her behalf? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work! `:happy: