tModLoader Large World Enabler

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  1. jopojelly

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    Large World Enabler

    Latest Download:
    Mod Browser (in-game) - Direct link - Alt download link
    Open source on GitHub

    Enables worlds up to 16800 tiles wide and 4800 tiles tall to be loaded into tModLoader v0.9.0.0+. (Double the width and double the height of a Large world (8400 by 2400))

    Note that with large mods loaded, it may not be possible to load a maximum-sized world due to memory limits. I recommend a 16800x1200 or 16800x2400 world as worlds that are taller than Large worlds tend to be boring. (in my opinion)

    Generate a world to use with this mod using TerraCustom. TerraCustom will load tModLoader mods, so you don't have to worry about missing out on mod biomes.

    This mod is also necessary if loading a world generated using Alternate Dimensions Mod (coming soon) that is more than 8400 tiles in width. (on account of the number of loaded dimensions)

    • If you try to load a world this large without the mod enabled, the Load will fail.
    • If you don't have more than 4GB RAM and a 64 bit OS, don't even bother trying to use this mod.
    • Don't load the mod unless you are using it. No need to allocate all the RAM.

    16800 by 1200 (aka 4x Wide Small)world with no mods loaded

    16800 by 2400 world (aka Double Wide Large) with Crystillium, Thorium, and Tremor mods loaded. Also, increased dungeon size, temple size, and surface height variation.

    4200 by 4800 (4x tall Small world) -- Kinda boring eh?.


    • icon, updated to so people would stop misunderstanding OutOfMemory errors
    • updated for 0.10
    • updated to tMod 0.9
    • Initial release
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  2. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

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  3. Yuyutsu

    Yuyutsu Dungeon Spirit

    Certainly interesting, I myself prefer words wider than tall. I'll definitely be giving this a try :)
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  4. AXsmasher

    AXsmasher Official Terrarian

    wow its awesome
  5. Mr.Willywonka

    Mr.Willywonka Skeletron

    Oh My GOD! The jungle temple in the 4200x4800 is only the size of a granite biome, ovular deserts, big-:red: dungeons, and snow biomes smaller than my thumb? That some FUNKAY GENERATIUMUN! SIGN ME UP!
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  6. ManaUser

    ManaUser The Destroyer

    While the jungle temple in the 16800 by 2400 world looks like a harrowing ordeal (but think of all the cool traps you'd collect).
  7. tankedup13

    tankedup13 Plantera

    that 4x tall small world, DAMN YOU SNOW BIOME!!!
    (I really dont like snow biomes...)

    also i find it weird why you mentioned tremor in one of the map showcases, because from what i remember tremor doesnt have any worldgen features yet.
  8. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Oh, I think you are right. I was going around the world finding all these ores, but I guess they were all from Thorium. Oh well, at least it shows that the world loads in game with Tremor enabled, since that mod has a lot of content and takes a bit of memory.

    Can someone suggest some mods with world gen, it would be cool to get all the mods that add world gen loaded and see how much is added to the world.
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  9. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    Spirit,Zynidium,Auralite haves Biomes
    but are all not released
    I could make an screenshot of them,since i work on all 3 mods,but i dont know if Gray or Phoenix wants too see an "Spoiler" here
  10. Bramblejack

    Bramblejack Terrarian

    I just would like to mention that I have only 2,5 GB of RAM and a 12800 x 2400 world loaded up just fine (with Thorium and Crystilium mods + a bunch of others).
  11. Spacegamer11

    Spacegamer11 Terrarian

    i would love this mod if i knew how to load it but with world disconnected there would be some cool world loading of which i would honestly love plus if we had avalon there would be some more coolness to it than we would know also with world disconnected you would fall off an island and could be falling for minutes at a time :)
  12. Deivix

    Deivix Golem

    This worlds can be loaded in a map editor?
  13. MountainDrew

    MountainDrew The Destroyer

    Calamity only spawns additional ore on boss downs, so I'm not sure if the time it would take to spawn them would be worth it. But if so then that would be cool!

    Can always just spawn all the bosses in with Cheat Sheet anyway.
  14. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Not sure, but unless the map editor was specifically programmed not to allow it, it sound be fine. I've been using MoreTerra to generate maps, but it's not an editor.
  15. Deivix

    Deivix Golem

    Ok I can load the world on tEdit, without problems :D, is fully functional without problems
  16. jopojelly

    jopojelly Retinazer

    Good to know, thanks for letting me know.
  17. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Terrarian

    8 gigs of ram and 64 bit Linux mint. My attempt at a Wide Small (16800 by 1200) world using the Thorium mod corrupted so hard I had to verify the integrity through Steam to get the game to start again. 90% sure it was the size and the large world mod causing it. Might have been the combination of that and Thorium though. Or going to high on other settings in Teracustom but that usually prevents creation of the world at all and I was able to play it for an hour or two before I started having trouble saving it.
  18. Shyguy

    Shyguy Spazmatism

    Good luck building a Hellavator on that tall world... ;)
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  19. jermeister6

    jermeister6 Terrarian

    Great mod but Question?... Is there any full screen map fix for custom sized worlds? I find it rather annoying that when you zoom out with a custom sized world the paper like map boarder goes all crazy and when your zoomed all the way out it does not even show you in the middle of the world if your looking at that paper boarder thing
  20. Does this mod require you to download terrariaModloader? Reason why I'am saying this is because there is a tModloader folder despite not downloading it. I only downloaded TerraCustom.