Mobile Largest 3D World on Mobile. "Sanctus Ignis"

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  1. Saint2th

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    Hey everyone - recently, DR studios has been looking for save files regarding Terraria mobile. Unfortunately, before I had the chance, I wasn't able to submit my world file for testing. This is a (although, bleak) attempt to capture their attention. It's my largest project on mobile, and I feel that I should have a chance to submit this.

    Plus, I'm very proud of it, and I'd love to show everyone here the extent of mobile building - despite bugs, it's certainly possible to build PC-level builds on mobile; all you need is patience, inspiration, and advice from the many, many great members in the Terraria community.

    video (current build):

    imgur link to see the full extent of the builds:
  2. EXRibbon

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    wow, amazing build!! what kind of blocks are used in this build? is that the stone thing you get from using stone on the heavy workbench but colored with paint? or are they other blocks :O
  3. NBRI

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    WOW!!! This is AWESOME!!!
  4. r4v1n6

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    Wow this is awesome! I really do hope DR gets back to you. Maybe @505Games or @ClearConscious can help you get in touch.
  5. Saint2th

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    There's a lot of blocks, but stone slabs are definitely a large component in the build! That, dynasty red + blue shingles, palladium columns, and several platforms / walls obtained from the dungeon.
  6. reggie regum

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  7. NBRI

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    I doubt I could do something like this if I TRIED...
  8. azekill_DIABLO

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    When I seee this I'm asking myself of everything I missed in my playtrough and of why my NPCs are still in dirt box 3 year after the start of my map. It's so polished I thought it was a starbound mod or Something. Unbielievable.
  9. Sniper AxL

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    This is the best thing I've seen in mobile!
    Just when I thought PC was the version with best builds