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tModLoader Latorm Rage beta release! / ChangeLog Page


Official Terrarian
Feel free to use my sprites BUT one condition GIVE CREDITS if you use my sprites and you dont credit me i will get down your post etc.
Latorm Rage

Downloaded Link (the mod browser its giving me a error so i cant uploaded it there)

About this mod:
Latorm Rage its a "big" mod made by one person (me) that adds 1 boss, 41 items, 1 buffs and 2 tiles that i will upgraded (not frequently):

1.0v Beta
Latorm Sword

Latorm Pickaxe

Latorm Axe

Latorm Sable

Latorm Emblem

Latorm Bar

Iron Eye

Lead Eye

Cobalt Eye

Palladium Eye

Metal Fusion Eye

Hiper Eye

Eye X

Latorm Eye

Attack Emblem (not obtainable yet)

Wing Shield I

BulletExampleAmmo (goin to change)

Latorm Shuriken

HallowedBulletAmmo (goin to change)

BulletExampleInfiniteAmmo (goin to change)

Wing X

Latorm Wings (i need to nerf this? say to me in the forum)

Latorm Striker (Cobalt)

Latorm Striker (Palladium)

Hell Core Crimson

Hell Core Corruption

Over Taker (Cobalt)

Over Taker (Palladium)

S.N.A.P (Cobalt)

S.N.A.P (Palladium)

Latorm Matter (Boss)

Latorm Matter Bag


Rotating Stick

Dark Gun

Latorm Potion

Latorm Helmet

Latorm Greaves

Latorm Chestplate

Polished Latorm

Latorm Ore




any feedback are welcome and too here's a map to test all the items of this mod

Map 1.0 beta
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Official Terrarian
good news for those that like this mod:

1.1 its pretty much finished, maybe next month i release it if i have time (probably no)

and too, i didnt know that i released this on july 23, this old af sorry for being slow but i dont have time to do this mod
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