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LeafosGaming • Classic Survival Server • Semi-Vanilla


Master of Ravens

TShock • World Regeneration • Challenges • Server-Side Characters • Survival • Semi-Vanilla • Housing Districts • Piggy/Safe • Donor Ranks

Community Server
Terraria Online
  • World Regeneration - The world regenerates with a new world or same world after a given time period.
  • The Island - The Terrarian homeworld for building houses, protected chests, and valuables.
  • Surface Teleporter - A teleporter that lets you travel from The Island to the Surface at any time.
  • Monthly New Worlds - New maps every month, keep your inventory, lose your homes and chests.
  • Yearly Reset - New Inventory, New World, Brand New Adventure!
  • Simple Ranking System - Play on our server the most and you go up in the world.
Welcome to Left 6 Dead Community Server
We’re a small server for a quiet, but friendly community looking for a place to stay, build, adventure, create, and design. Our objective is to create the most beautiful Terraria Town World with still plenty of adventures. If you have what it takes to make a Town, build it. Bring Friends!

What are we using?
We currently have advanced version of tShock installed, including WorldEdit, World Regen, Account Recovery, Challenges, and more. These features allow all players to obtain items even when they are taken by players, we import new schematics from time to time to give players the chance to experience new content.

What we are looking for...
We are looking for amazing builders who can create homes, structures, mansions, and towns that look detailed, and are easy to navigate for users. These towns will be used for Spawn Points so users can join various factions and focus on a specific style of detail and meshes.
We accept all builds who know their skills, if you have a schematic or screenshot of your constructions from your own world or another server, we can migrate it here. Schematics are best used with the latest version of TShock or TEdit. If you have a schematic that contains chests or items, you should consider using TEdit instead.

Website - TServerWeb - Terraria Servers - Facebook

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