Least favorite weapon?

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  1. Zekeram12

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    Everyone loves to talk about their favorite weapons, but what about the ones that you utterly despise? You know, the weapons that you want to personally break over your knee? Mine would definitely be the Influx Waver.
    It's a vile, disgusting weapon that dares to have the ABSOLUTE GALL to be better than the Terra Blade without being endgame. It doesn't even have any kind of relevance, it just exists. Star Wrath is an upgraded Starfury. Meowmere is a nyan cat sword. The Terra Blade is basically the SWORD OF TERRARIA, forged with the Night's Edge and Excalibur, the bread and butter of light and dark, and is so important it even has an achievement. Influx Waver just exists. I hate it.
  2. Lord Garak

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    Lunar Flare is the most boring and uncreative thing in the game
  3. Baconfry

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    I mean, the Terra Blade is the sword that represents Terraria, but I don’t think the Influx Waver’s existence damages that title. If you think about it, the Terra Blade is the strongest sword in Terraria that is native to the planet. The Influx Waver may simply be considered the Martian equivalent to the Terra Blade, and in my headcanon, it is held to the same esteem by the Martians. A legendary blade from another planet, but since you earned it as a spoil of war, it’s natural that you wouldn’t know its backstory. Maybe the Martians crafted it from their own planet’s essences of light and dark. Maybe they got a Steam achievement for crafting it, too! ahaha

    As for my take on the topic, I’ve shared this opinion across multiple platforms, but I think the Rainbow Crystal Staff is by far the biggest disappointment of a weapon in the entire game. There are some Moon Lord weapons that you can steamroll all the remaining content in the game with, and there are some that at least slightly improve your overall combat effectiveness when applied correctly. And then there’s this.

    The Rainbow Crystal Staff’s usefulness in endgame boss battles is literally zero, and in invasion-like events, it is still outperformed by the Lunar Portal Staff by a large margin. If it could track enemies while they moved around it would be legitimately good, but right now it’s pretty much a joke. Roughly as useful as a Pearlwood Bow, or maybe slightly less.
  4. Dakuryon

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    The Meatball methinks, but tbh I don't really have a weapon I dislike. They're all good in their own way, so it'd be hard for me to say which weapons I don't like as much. XD
  5. Kode

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    Aqua Sceptre. Useless everywhere.
  6. Sockmonkey367

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  7. poi

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    I assume you have already read Baconfry's comment? Not only is it basically from another eldritch dimension, it also comes in at a point where whether or not it's better than the Terra blade is largely irrelevant.
  8. Sockmonkey367

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    I have, and i think if they made a Teramere or something i would somewhat like the meowmere. Also, have any idea for a tera blade like sword for 1.1 and 1.0 that doesn't craft the tera blade?
  9. sharkman0101

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    Pretty much any flail that works like a ball. They're godawfully slow and have a menial effect that doesn't prove to be effective against most of the enemy types of the game. To hammer in the nail, they seldom do decent damage for when they are obtained. If I get a Flower Pow it goes straight into the trash(or compost bin?)
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  10. WingedOracle

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    The pearlwood weapons have to be my least favorite. They are too weak to be early hardmode weapons. Re-logic should at least buff them.
  11. Anchor and Christmas tree sword,
    Anchor is a thing that just. Logs up inv when fishing, and I honestly don’t see much use in Christmas tree sword cause what you have to do to get it and the time you get it..
    Boulder staff too, worthless golem drop, no usefulness unless you are right next to the target and they are nearly perfectly still. A few more but if I kept going on, this post would never end,
    Researching weapons to find horrible ones,