tModLoader Legend of Terraria 3

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He's working on it, if you were not blind you would have looked up on the last page for information before making this comment.
A little spoiler:

-updated to tModLoader 0.9.1
-Complete HP Up rework - All hearts no longer function as permanent increase. All hearts are now changed to accessories.
Heart of Infinity is disabled. It is recomended to create new player if you have increased max hp using this mod.
-Added x items: Cold Shard, Life Iris, Rotting Piece, Bloody Chunk, Crystal Piece, Dark Token, Orb of Night, Firebrand,
Icebrand, Thunderbrand, Agni's Flame, Indra's Light, Rahab's Frost, 3 Blueprints (Dark Armor, Rocksteel Armor,
Sage Robes), 6 Ore Chunks (3 vanilla, 2 Thorium Mod, 1 GRealm), Miners Trove, Omnirs Presence, Edlin Shard,
Trove of Legends, Thorium Trove, Joyeuse
-Added x NPCs: Plum Beetle, Frost Beetle, Sand Beetle, Corrupt Beetle, Blood Beetle, Saint Beetle, Bone Beetle, Fire Beetle,
Venom Sludge, Thunder Demon, Frost Demon, Ore Node, Mech Golem
-[GRealm] Added 2 new NPCs: Acid Sludge and Pollen Sludge
-[GRealm] All Zombies now drop Undying Flesh
-[GRealm] Skeleton Barbarian now drops Barbiric Splinters
-increased droprate of cores from amduscias
-changed the sprite of Dead Skull
-Skeleton Barbarian now spawns after Golem has been defeated
-Dark Armor, Rocksteel Armor and Sage Robes are now craftable
-Flame Demon now drops Agni's Flame
-Lilim, Lilith and Stone Golem now drop Blueprints instead of armor set pieces
-Lilim, Lilith and Succubus no longer drop mana potions
-reduced Dark Armors set bonus from +25% to 15% magic and minion damage
-removed all specific Ore Nodes
-removed Barbiric Armor
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