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A temporary mute to someones profile notifications you can do ranging from 5 minutes to one week. As iv got a lot of not serious profile posts I have responded to that get a ton of notifications from them. As these joke posts people respond to with mostly meaningless content drown out profile posts that are important to read. This would prevent people from getting potentially 57 notifications from one profile.

Also I'm not going to disable profile notifications for the good ones.
If it's possible, add a placeholder image for the 🌳 and 🪓 emojis. Use something like a smaller version of the pixeltree and teamaxe images.
If so many people are going to put these two emojis in their usernames, they could at least look less ugly.

Even better, just remove the symbols from the username altogether and stick them somewhere else if you need to, like under the title or something.
Could there be a toggleable setting on pinned profile posts that hides the comments behind an expandable button? With this, you could pin a message without the comments causing the posts to take up too much space. (This could possibly be implemented with unpinned posts too, but it's mainly just a suggestion for pinned ones; so as to keep things simple.)

Here's an example I made of what it could look like:
Before toggling on:

After toggling on:
(the toggle is circled in bright blue)
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The 'dead' reaction has so far proved to be a lot more useful than I thought it would be...
Still not happy about the boulder reaction though honestly, it literally has no use

Edit: drat, my 500th post got bouldered, of course
It can be used either for the funny, or to say "It's a trap!"
Hello, I found a bug on the forums, as explained here: False character limit when posting on topic #129467 - says message can be max. 150 chars while I only try to post 43 chars
Whenever a title has exactly 150 characters which is, i beleive, the title length limit, and also contains a swear word of 4 letters or shorter (e. g. the S and F word), people who have the profanity filter enabled cannot reply to the post due to "Please 150 or less characters".
This is caused by the fact that if 4 letter swear words or shorter get replaced with 5 characters: :red:, the title grows by character amount and when replying to a post it also checks the title for length. I think the owners of the forum should report that to XenForo since that may be a bug in their code.
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