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    Requires Mod Helpers, Rewards, and Nihilism

    Items require licenses to be used. Licenses are acquired with game progression (see Rewards mod). Configurable.

    There are 3 kinds of Licenses:
    • [​IMG] Trial Licenses: Temporarily unlocks a single item (at a time). By default, any given item can only be trialed once. Amount of Trial Licenses needed to unlock an item is based on that item's rarity (color). Trial period ends after 5 minutes. Use by selecting a stack of trial licenses and clicking on the item in your inventory you wish to licence. Purchased from the Merchant for 2 Gold Coins each.
    • [​IMG] Regular Licenses: Unlocks a specific item. Amount needed to unlock an item is based on rarity (color). Use by selecting a stack of licenses and clicking on the item in your inventory you wish to licence. Purchased from the Wayfarer in packs of 6 for 10 PP.
    • [​IMG] Wildcard Licenses: Unlocks a random item. The rarity of the item that is unlocked matches the stack size used (in order). Use by simply consuming the item plainly (like a Life Crystal, potion, etc.). Purchased from the Wayfarer in packs of 18 for 10 PP.
    You'll get a better deal with Wildcard Licenses, but the items they unlock are entirely random.

    Source available here. API now available here. Config fields defined here. Config file found at: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Configs/Licenses Config.json


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    IMG == broken
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    Just to note: Each grade of rarity of an item increases the licenses it needs.

    Post-v0.9.0, there are many things I could do with this mod to add depth, including making per-item-type/class licenses, license prerequisites (e.g. guns need other guns licensed, first), temporary licenses, license revokation conditions (e.g. killing a certain type of forbidden mob), and possibly many others.

    This version is just basic, bare-bones, and mostly untested.
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    This seems to remove the crafting menu, as well. Is that part of the mod? I'm wondering if it's because of Nihilism. This sounds really fun, I'll test the crap outta this

    Edit: Restarted the game, and crafting menu is back.
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    I think you have to do a few Nihilism commands to get the crafting menu back on a new world, not really sure on that. I'm new to Nihilism, so I really have no idea how I'm getting it working.
    Also, on the default whitelist, I think you meant Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, and Wooden Door, and not just Table, Chair, and Door. Did you want the Wood Wall (not wooden wall, but Wood Wall) included in this? You don't have any wall available to be placed yet via default config

    Needs to be "Wooden Table" "Wooden Chair" "Wooden Door" and maybe add "Wood Wall"

    Edit 2:
    May want to add "Wood Platform"
    And change:
    "Snow" -> "Snow Block"
    "Dirt" -> "Dirt Block"

    Edit 3:
    Add "Acorn"

    Edit 4:
    All the Wood Weapons (and arrows) Are Wooden, not Wood
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    A few other default additions could include "Rope" and "Chest". Maybe "Mushroom" and "Lesser Healing Potion" and "Lesser Mana Potion". Maybe Recall Potions, but that might be more fun to unlock. This has me hyped, were you planning on being rigid on the default list?

    Edit eleventy four:
    Also add weapons from basic chests, i.e. Wand of Sparking, etc? Or make PP available somehow at the start of the game, maybe awarded by getting NPC's?

    Edit number potato:
    I think the NPC's moving in would be best. Otherwise, in a new world it would be impossible to ever get PP. Can't use hearts to increase health, and can't use the EoC spawners.

    Edit number 23:
    -Using a license on a default unlocked item (like wood) uses a license
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    I'll expand the default list to include those entries. You can configure the default list freely in the config file, by the way. You can even configure the PP earnings from any given mobs, also.

    Also, there is a setting that spawns the Wayfarer right away with Rewards mod.
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    Yeah, I've been tweaking the configs as I go, as goes the License mod. The Rewards mod, I wasn't tweaking as of yet, but was thinking about a very minor amount for most early mobs. I like this, by the way. A ton. I could this be expanded to make specific licenses drop from specific critters. For example, make the License for Bee's Knees a rare drop from a Hornet. I see you have an API, I'm planning on starting to mod soon, so I can make sense of it. I've done enough minor programming to be able to at least tweak some things.
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    v1.0.0 is now up, with most of your feedback addressed.

    You'll have to add custom item drops with a separate mod, but it should be easy enough.

    If you need any help using the API or setting up your own mod, let me know.
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    Not sure if this matters to you, or if it matters at all, but will a bad prefix on an item that affect rarity make it cheaper to unlock?
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    It does, actually. Currently, an overlooked strategy for licensing. Maybe not the best long term design, though.
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    I'm not complaining, it let me unlock my next pickaxe for a discount, lol. Finally got through a Goblin invasion, btw, and with the other mods I had.... Wasn't pretty. BUT, got my PPs!
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    Discount? You mean, low cost or no cost?

    Edit: v1.0.1 out.
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    Low Cost. Was a Gray item (Annoying Pickaxe). I'll have to double check that later, though, you have me second guessing now. I'm pretty sure it was 1 License to unlock
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    1 license is the lowest cost for any item. Even junk.
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    As I think about this, could you have "Bundle" of items to unlock at once? Kind of like your rewards mod. Have a license pack that unlocks all haste boots (Hermes, Flurry, etc), or one that is all the double jumps (Cloud in a Bottle, etc). You spend a few more Licenses, but unlock more items, at the cost of some of the items you unlock being kinda pointless. This way, a "Frozen Pack" could unlock most everything you get from Ice Chests. This would require planning, as saving up for the extra cost would pretty much block you from other gear, but still give the incentive of making it worth focusing on one type of gear
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    Also noticed... At least with the Slime Hook, I unlocked it as I should, equipped it, but it won't do anything. Like I'm not wearing it at all

    Not sure how I did it, but something that said it required 3 licenses suddenly unlocked with just 2. Going to poke at this as I get more, see if I can repro
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    From what I can tell, if you have MORE than one License, you can unlock more expensive things. I have a Drill that requires 4. 1 License didn't work, 2 did. But if I DID have 4 in my inventory, it would have taken all 4 as it should
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    The cost is based on the rarity (color) of the item.