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tModLoader LIchs content mod


Skeletron Prime
Lich's Conent Mod the forgotten lore

Mod state: still being worked on

|Discord Link|

hello and welcome all to this mod called the forgotten lore, the mod will add many new weapons, new enemies, new bosses, and maybe even a new event. but if you want to learn more just keep reading on.

"Can anyone guess the reference"

Spirit Spear
type: magic
attack: shoots spirit spears around the player at the mouse, right click to summon a sun sigil.

"Caution very toxic, don't friend"

Venom Vial
type: throwing/ranged(idk when I release this mod so in 1.4 its gonna be a ranged weapon)
attack: throw a venom vial that will explode into venom bubbles

"isnt their already a antlion sword?"

Antlion Saber
type: melee
attack: every swing shoots a gust of wind
"The queen will never let you kill its most prized larvae"

the queen of antlions can shoot sun lasers, summon wind gusts, and summon her own type of antlions to help out

*Starts moon walking out of nowhere*

he has been to all 3 of the infesting biomes and has learned some tricks to attack with

Capture 2020-05-02 23_25_02.png

Capture 2020-06-10 23_58_30.png

Capture 2020-06-16 20_47_08.png

Capture 2020-10-05 22_18_56.png


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Skeletron Prime
Update: the reason for no updates was because I was taking a break to play terraria 1.4, but now I am back to work, and in the future I will have another screenshot


Skeletron Prime
Capture 2020-06-16 20_47_08.png

last spoiler for a while also last "boss" snapshot for a long long time(aka when I firstly update the mod in the future)


Skeletron Prime
i guess it has been a while since a spoiler.... uhhhh there's gonna be 3 bosses(well maybe ;) ) in the release, also ignore the part i want to be an animator, i changed my mind back to game making(idk why i put this here but i wanted to...)


Skeletron Prime
also another thing to add, soon their will be a video of the first boss you'll encounter in the mod in this forum.


Skeletron Prime
so after some thinking, i am posting this mods discord onto here, it is right next to the icon. i know the discord is tiny, but i hope it will grow, and you can ether see how the mod does or become a dev


Skeletron Prime
I got some good news and bad news, bad news, all of the screenshots(except the latest one and the one with the explosion) are not gonna ether be put into the mod release or not into the mod at all, im sorry. good news i am planning on adding a new type of mini boss, with some interesting way to challenge them
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