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PC Lifeform Analyzer Improvements

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by James Harrow, Jul 20, 2015.


Should they apply these improvements to the Lifeform Analyzer?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  3. Only if this was added (Please Explain)

    1 vote(s)
  1. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    I was watching one of ChippyGamings videos that he released today, and he had two times where he lost rare creatures.
    1. He lost a Nymph while digging a helevator
    2. He lost a webbed stylist.

    This has happened to me with:

    18 Normal Mimics
    1 Webbed Stylist
    2 Tortured Souls
    3 Crimson Mimic
    Lots of Dungeon Mobs
    and of course, the most infuriating:
    About 10 Nymphs

    Now my suggestion is that they make it so the analyzer shows a small icon like one of the pictures on the minimap for bosses, and when the player has the analyzer, it would make it so their icons would appear, making it much easier to spot them. Disabling the accessory would make it so their icons would not appear.

    Alternate Suggestion By @Demogarose :
    I really like this suggestion, and I think that it would work much better with the games mechanics. His idea is that instead of a minimap icon for the improvement, the accessory would show the direction in which the rare mob is located.
    A few examples of this would include:
    Crimson Mimic: Northeast
    Nymph: West
    Goblin Scout: East

    I like this one a bit more than mine, as it would probably be more useful, and not clutter up the minimap.
    Either Suggestion would be good, but I think that the one by Demogarose would work better with the games mechanics.

    This would help lots of people, especially those who are still trying to get banners for rare mob types.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
  2. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Has anyone else had this problem? No? Ok.
  3. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    I have most definetly had this problem several times...
  4. Master Geass

    Master Geass Terrarian

    I was also watching Chippy today. I haven't had any luck with the Lifeform Analyzer myself. It has never done me any good. Ether I find the rare creachure without it or when I do see it show up I start looking for it but go the wrong way and it despawns. I was thinking it could change color as you get close but showing up on the map a close range is good too. As it is right now the only use I have had for it is to make the cell phone.
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  5. skyblade57

    skyblade57 Skeletron Prime

    I only really use the lifeform analyzer to find martian probes, but I see the problem
  6. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Yeah, but martian probes are easy to find with the analyzer, as they mostly spawn on the surface, but half of the other rare mobs can be in any direction at all.
  7. Isaacium

    Isaacium Terrarian

    Can't you already see what enemies are nearby by hovering over the red dot in the minimap? I don't know, because I'm on mobile.
  8. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Enemies don't show up on the mini-map on the PC version, only certain bosses do and that was just added in 1.3.
  9. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    This has happened to me with a few more nymphs, a rainbow slime, the Groom, Dr. Bones, and Several Mimics.
  10. Demogarose

    Demogarose Steampunker

    i think a Map indicator is a bit too much

    i'd be more in favor of a simple indication of which direction the mob is in

    EG: instead of "Nymph Detected!" something like "Nymph Detected East/West/Above/Below you!"
  11. Isaacium

    Isaacium Terrarian

    I like that. Though if I was on PC I would take either one.
  12. Soulstiger

    Soulstiger Skeletron

    Yeah, a map indicator might be a little much. I think your suggestion is a good compromise.
  13. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    Problem is, some people might not remember where is east and west (like me...)
  14. Soulstiger

    Soulstiger Skeletron

    An arrow could also be shown. So, Nymph Detected East ->
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  15. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    There's a small icon by the text, maybe that could be used to indicate the direction? (Though it might be too subtle for players to notice without being told about it...)
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  16. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Didn't know that. Might look at it more.

    EDIT: that might just be like the icon for every other one of those accessories.
  17. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Yeah, but some of them change depending on the information on display. The icon for the sextant shows what phase the moon currently is along with the text, and it will even turn red during a blood moon.
  18. KalvinHobbez

    KalvinHobbez Terrarian

    Lifeform Analyzer is definitely one of my favorite items used for the PDA crafting, it's just served me pretty well and I've gotten some nice items in return. Even with that said, this problem does happen decently often. I try to carry Hunter Potions on me just in case but I can still miss a Hallowed Mimic I've been looking for or some Nymphs because my screen doesn't look that far off (Slow computer, can't have too much showing at once.) I'd say the minimap thing could be useful, but would make the Analyzer maybe a bit too much better. I'd say give a compass direction like what was assumed previously but that might require a bit too much. I'd say have the Analyzer show a dot on the minimap, but not note what the rare creature is. Not too often you'll be disappointed, not too many rare creatures you don't really want to see.
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