NPCs & Enemies Lihzahrd Temple Expansion - Hazards, obstacles, improvements, and more!

I know that the argument over the snake breakers damage is over but I still despise the misconception that nothing should even come close to the terra blade. I know that the terra blade is more powerful than the upgraded breaker blade by a significant margin.

I enjoy the additional enemies that would make the temple fun to fight though. For that reason (and the upgraded breaker blade) I support completely.
I really love this suggestion, to me it feels like this is what was missing from the temple, there were just not that much stuff in the current temple. This is something I think most terraria players would like to see appear in the game. I also really love how this still feels like terraria and not some mod, it's like seing a potential spoiler for a future update when you see this.
Also have any devs seen this yet?
All of these make it sound much more challenging to go through the temple- which is what I think it should have been from the start.
It's a cool idea. The post-Plantera dungeon is quite hard and has various enemies, the Lihzahrd does not. These are great opinions, but some of them should be rare to avoid being overwhelmed by these traps.

I like your ideas. Some could be slightly changed, but there's no need. I've a suggestion about that rotating trap: instead of dealing damage, it would knock the player back. It would be often near traps and shields won't protect the player from them.

That sword is also good. Very powerful, but extremely slow. Can they be buffed? I feel that buffs would make this weapon deal very huge damage, but its very slow speed would probably make it hard to use as and advantage.

Anyway, great idea.
Thanks! I'm glad you said that because I already made Spritesheets for them :p
Oh really? Well, just in case, I'll leave these here anyways. ;)
I would like to give you something. A new block crafted from lihzhard bricks and/or found in the temple itself. The block is lihzhard pillar. I made it just for fun, so I's like to give it to someone who can utilize it. The block itself is identical to lihzhard brick besides appearance. Much like stone, this block will not make a direct merge, but rather, make no interaction, with any block except for mud which it will merge with graphically.
Example: as you can see here, stone merges directly slime blocks, Stone slabs don't interact with the slime blocks at all, and dirt blocks form a special, graphical, merge with slime blocks.

So, with that out of they way, here are the lihzhard pillar blocks.
Capture 2016-07-04 18_10_39.png

If you want the actual file, please pm me. I hope you use these :)
Wowzers! These are awesome awesome ideas! I especially like the special invulnerable mobs; makes the Lihzahrd Temple much more like the dungeon and a much more even match for the dungeon. As a person who feels ardently like the Golem needs a buff, I am a huge fan of these improvements to the Lihzahrd temple. Full support from me!
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