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Official Like-bombing, like abuse and related social activities

Tunnel King

It has not escaped the staff's attention that the pursuit of 'likes' has gotten completely out of hand on this forum. What was a minor annoyance on TO has quickly become a full-blown distraction to a large segment of the community and the staff. Worst of all, it has turned the attention of many away from the primary reason this forum exists: to discuss a game that we all love.

To that end, the staff is taking some decisive steps to sharply curtail this activity.
  1. Requests for likes on profile and thread posts will no longer be allowed at all, and may receive warnings. This includes gratuitous posting of how many likes you have, or how many you need to "pass" someone.
  2. Organized "like-bombing" of other members, no matter what the reason, is not permitted, and will receive significant warnings if/when uncovered, for all participants.
  3. People who accumulate large numbers of likes in a suspicious manner may have their total number of likes reduced at any time, at staff discretion, without warning.
  4. People who give large numbers of likes in a suspicious manner may have their ability to do so throttled or suspended indefinitely.
  5. Threads and Social Groups that, at the determination of the staff, exist solely to promote like-bombing of individuals or oppose another individual's like count, will be shut down.
  6. People who are discovered to be using alternate accounts to avoid detection of any of the above, especially to increase their own like count, will receive significant action against their main account. Alternate accounts are not allowed on this forum.
The staff is currently in the process of procuring additional tools to help enforce all of the above. We are also looking into removing the Most Likes tab from the Members page. We are serious and resolute about putting this nonsense at an end.

This is effective immediately. Activity prior to posting of this announcement will not receive action. Please do not point fingers at individuals who may have been involved with this activity before now; the staff is well aware of them.

ETA: Anyone who, at this point, feels guilty or for any reason wants their like count reset, please report any post of yours with your request.
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Party Girl
How would one go about reporting someone who, for some reason, decides to go like-bombing every one of your posts? Would you guys prefer an open PM about it, or use the report feature on a post of said user? Not that I'd expect it to become a problem, but nice to know the protocol for sake of any potential cases.

Hopefully nobody would like-bomb just to orchestrate it as the "victim's" doing, in any case. That's next-level shadiness.

Cerikeno Drananoki

So this is what all the fuss has been about recently? Wow, that's rather childish... Its just pixels...
Honestly, I'm sick of the "just pixels" argument. It doesn't change the fact that people want the fancy pixels, posts or likes. I can appreciate someone's fancy pixels when they really earned it by their actual good posts and content.
Bragging may be wrong, but bragging rights should still be earned.
Still wanting Forum Games to have disabled post counts because many games seem to exist just for postcount.
Just found this. Well,bye bye like bombs. Most of us cared about you,but sometimes you have to deal with things. I guess I just stick with being funny now. Because Like bombs? Gone,so, EARNING THINGS LEGIT FTW.
I only find issues with 3 and 4, they seem a little unfair to me. What if someone is just nice and enjoys giving likes to people, just to help make themselves and others feal better? Or what if someone has ceveral good ideas and gets a lot of likes? If the course of action aforementioned is taken, then those who justly get and give substantial likes will be unjustly punished. I know those are rather specific cases and you lot probably pay close attention to this, but I'm just saying...


Official Terrarian
Oh wow, that was hilarious. Or was that intentional?

Also, likebombing might be hidden, basically someone likes someone, waits a half minute, likes again. How will this be stopped in an effective way?
Intentional, i dont know why.
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