Game Mechanics Linking timers to clocks, or perhaps a new types of timers.


For a while now, I have been setting up traps as defenses around the NPC houses to ward off enemies at night. I will generally have a 1-second timer hooked up to traps and doors, and toggle it on and off when night/day hits. Sometimes, though rarely, I will forget to turn these off when day hits, and an NPC will die because of it ( or those poor bunnies :( ).

I was wondering if it would be feasible to somehow link timers to clocks, so that they could be turned on automatically when dusk hits, and then off again at dawn.

If that would be too difficult to work out, perhaps having new types of timers that can be toggled on and will only be active during certain times of the day could be added (e.g. 1-second night timer etc.).

Just a thought :)
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