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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Feedback' started by J0sh, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. J0sh

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    Hey, Im not a streamer but a thought occured to me a few days ago, I see on reddit, for the runescape subreddit. we could have something similar? I don't see it having any negative effect and there is some empty space on the screen for it to go, hell even a section might be appropriate. I cant see why we can't support our streamers?

    Just a shower-thought. :)
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  2. Mystery

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    I've seen this on Xenforo before, so I'm sure it's doable through one plugin or another. As for creating a whole new section for it, it might be better if streamers just created their own social group. That way they could post updates about events and schedules without being drowned out by other posters and have things much more organized.
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  3. Tunnel King

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    I agree with Mystery's idea. A while back, I suggested to a particular streamer that he use the Social Group feature for this, but he really didn't follow through on it. I think that that the SG feature would be ideal to both support existing streamers and foster new interest in it, especially now that Steam/Valve has entered the arena to compete with Twitch.

    I'm not sure that there are enough people live-streaming Terraria at this time to warrant advertising them in the sidebar, but we can always explore that option later.
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