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When the mod is updated to 1.4, should this mod's whips become summoning weapons or stay melee?

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Reports of my death were BULLCRAP!


After several months of hiatus, Litho's Armory finally returns with the Revenant Update, a huge content patch with a focus
on polishing up some of the mod's weakest points previously- fixing up old sprites, making sweeping balance changes, and preparing for the
eventual 1.4 update.

With an entirely new post-Golem ore, new vanity sets, overhauls of existing items, and features like rudimentary PvP support and the removal of
some of the mod's worst content(The Nuclear Wasteland weapons, and the Gemspark items), Litho's Armory now finally feels at least kind of well-polished!
The mod's filesize has actually gone down because of the trimming, too- it's now just over 15 mB in size.

The mod includes:
639 new weapons and ammo!
4 new accessories!
3 new armor sets, and 2 new helmets for Shroomite!
9 new vanity sets!
new mount!
9 new tools!
3 new grappling hooks!
new pet!
new ore!
1 new enemy!

The mod also has a config menu where you can turn vanilla balance tweaks on and off, and choose whether or not to use a feature that fixes vanilla ammo piercing behavior with fast-firing and multi-projectile weapons(Which was ported from this mod). It also has a bunch of new sounds, and replacement sounds for vanilla ranged weapons. These can be disabled if you dislike them.

Patreon link removed, as it turns out I currently don't even have a way to get money from it anyway.

Last updated: 5/12/2022, Revenant Update

For those wondering what NPCs drop or sell what item, and in what circumstances, I've put together a drops table!

Last updated: 5/12/2022, Revenant Update
Download drops table

Previews removed for now since they're a pain to put together, and horribly outdated at this point.

Leafia Barrett, for the piercing projectile fix. It's not much more than just setting a vanilla variable, but I wouldn't have figured out how to do it so early without their mod.
FlashKirby99, for the glowmask code from WeaponOut. Permission:

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ARE YOU READY TO CAST SOME FREAKIN' SPELLS? The Mage package has dropped! 53 new magic weapons to play with are yours to discover!
Updated the mod. This removes a recipe for a testing item I left in, and adds a Wand of Sparking buff to the vanilla magic tweaks. It's slower and much stronger now, and uses only 1 mana instead of 2.
the mod will add melee throwing and summons weapons ?
I have plans for a melee package at some point. Summoner might be too complicated for me to code- I can't make AI.
As for throwing- well, it's a weapon pack, so if I make throwing weapons, they would only really be usable with other mods, since I probably won't be making armor soon. I do have some ideas for mod-dependent weapons.
Sorry for the lack of updates. I know the mod h-has some issues at the moment... Mothron does not drop the other Broken Hero item for mage. In the Melee focused update(which is nearing completion, sorta!), that fix is coming.
I'll also be adding onHitPlayer functions to all debuffing projectiles, so players should now be affected by them in PvP. This mod was never meant for PvP though, so if things aren't balanced... iunno.
Mod updated. Fixed a bug with doing random things in SetDefaults, and that causing a crash upon reloading mods...
No, wait. Apparently, Tmodloader missed some errors of random setdefaults parameters while compiling before. NOW it's definitely fixed.
Small update. Probably fixes some bugs, but it also adds the AK-47, which can be bought from the Arms Dealer during Hardmode, and some upgrades to it.
Bugfix release- fixed certain types of piercing bullets being able to hit a single target more often than intended. They should now only be able to strike King Slime-sized targets once. (Starshot, Penetrator Round, Hellfire Bullet)
Oh, I didn't even realize this thread was still in the Works in Progress section. Mods, if you see this post, could you move it to Released? With weapon packs for all three O.G. classes, I think it counts now.
This mod is fantastic. Almost all of the weapons included are interesting and unique. Really excited to see what you have in mind for expanding summons and throwing.
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