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Little Gems From the Wiki Episode 2: The Saga Continues

worst thing is that a Trident will be a wet weapon
The Trident is giving you Wetness!.png

Wetness is PURE VANITY!!!

it is suggested to use Rockets against this enemy?! their jump attack is similar to the Spin Dash from Sonic The Hedgehog? but... why?!

if sword beams, the INflux Waver thing killed selenians in my latest playthrough, AND WHY THE SELENIAN DOES NOT DEFLECT SCOURGE OF CORRUPTOR?! now also potential 300 HUINDRED DMG FROM SNIPERS?! I AM DOOMED!
there is a w33d smoking vandaliser typing censor evasion (they are turned into "red" with the colour red)

why it says "sub to billboard gaming mate (but in l33t)"?

vandalised "Console Ocean" theme with dutch words on title

the vandaliser insulted Redigit
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I don't think this thread's purpose was to show off obvious vandalism accross the wiki.
In fact, the time would have been better spend reverting the vandalism instead of making fun of it.
Or, at least, outright making a "Silliest Wiki vandalism thread".
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