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Single Thread RP LittleBigPlanet roleplay

I wanna see who plays LittleBigPlanet here! Raise your hand if you do!

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The Destroyer
Because I want to roleplay.

This is a roleplay for LittleBigPlanet fans! It takes place after LBP3, so be warned that people who RP here prior to witnessing LBP 2 and 3 might see spoilers for their corresponding stories!

You don't really have to PLAY LittleBigPlanet to play this RP, but simply have basic knowledge of how the game works and looks. Which means pretty much just watch a few walkthroughs.

You can start out in either Craftworld or Bunkum, but you can't be a human and you can't start out anywhere else, not even your pod. This is pretty much the LittleBigPlanet version of Random Forum Fights: Infinity.

Also, I got dibs on Newton. :dryadtongue:

Since Bubby is nonexistent in the Imagisphere, Borealis will use her character color.

I look around Bunkum, smiling. Tonight is a full moon, which worries me because of what I am...

"Heh heh. A Lycavi. Why did I have to be werewolf bitten first?" I mutter, already feeling the cold change of my skin-colored felt going pale.

I shiver, looking in my reflection to see I'm just being paranoid. I sigh.

I look out from the balcony and over Bunkum. It's a wonderful place to be today. No chaos in sight, and it's pretty warm out.

Though, the girl down there seems to feel otherwise.


Official Terrarian
I call Sackboy also the narrator narrates Sackboy

Sackboy was just relaxing in Craftworld, when suddenly, he sees a pod in the distance. Pods haven't landed in Craftworld for a while. So he starts to check it out.


The Destroyer
I look up and see Newton's airship. I nearly explode in exitement, but suddenly remembered I should go inside.

I realize the girl is Borealis, and that she is looking up at me. I wave hi.


Official Terrarian
Sackboy saw that nobody was there, so he decided to go to the racing cars in the distance. Sackboy uses the text to ask, "Hey, want to race? I heard that you wanted a race."
Race me in my tractor, and each time you get one tiny bit further you will win a prize bubble, to upgrade your car or make it worse and then you can get further still until I end the race and get more prize bubbles to upgrade, get further, get prizes, upgrade, get further, more prizes, until eventually you beat me


Official Terrarian
Sackboy uses the text bubble to say, "Nothing much, i just got teleported here by the dumb character controlling me"

"Nothing much, i just decided to come here randomly, and i heard that Gustavo wanted a race"
[doublepost=1549548913,1549548883][/doublepost]((BTW sackboy can only comunicate in the text bubble))
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