3DS Living Loom on 3DS?

Discussion in 'Console In-Game Support' started by asiago, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. asiago

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    Does the living loom exist on the 3ds version? I'm on 1.04 but I don't even know if the loom exists on this version. I've genned a few worlds trying to get it, but nothing. Anybody have any input?
  2. MemoryVoid

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    Living Loom is a PC 1.2.3 item, while the 3ds version of the game is only equivalent to PC version 1.2.0. Therefore most items that were released beyond the 1.2.0 update are most likely not in the 3ds version of the game. The living loom is one of those items that are not in. The 3ds does have some 1.2.4 and 1.3 items and features, but not many. It also has console and mobile exclusive content in it too, so the 3ds is kind of it's own unique version now.

    The Terraria Wiki is a good place to see if certain items are in the 3ds version of the game.
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  3. Nike Leon

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    Just keep in mind that the wiki is fan ran so don't take everything it says as absolute fact. :)
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    Luckily for me it is a bit easier to tell since I also own a 3ds. But I haven't found anything wrong with the Terraria wiki just yet, not until somebody might try messing with things on purpose (the curse of Wikipedia).
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