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Living Pine Tree Blocks!

Should this be added?

  • Yes

  • I honestly don’t care if it gets added in or not

  • No (Give reason why)

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Eye of Cthulhu
Pumpkin moon has spooky armor, why can’t frost moon?
I reason that everscreams could drop living pine tree blocks,
they could be turned into furniture and could be turned into armor, the armor would be ranged based and would have similar stats to spooky armor,
Armor set bonus would be either (I can’t decide) after double tapping down all ammo would be replaced with small pine trees (arrows) small leaves (bullets) and trunks (launchers) OR after you hit something with a ranged weapon, it brought down a small pine tree spear above that enemy’s head (or top of their body if they have no head)

The blocks would have (after every 3/5 blocks) a few ordaments/vines around them
Furniture would be furniture

Need help with the stats and everything but it would mostly have similar stats to spooky.

Could be crafted into the ammo in the armor set bonus area with 10 living pine tree blocks for 25 of each and could be turned into Pine blaster (shotgun) trunk launcher (obvious) and Treepeater (repeater) 250 living pine tree blocks for each.

Could do similar thing with spooky wood, 250 for a spooky stump staff which would summon a stump and than keep expanding on it until a full small mourning wood appeared, cost 5 summons total to get a full small mourning wood,
Thank you for reading and please give feedback!
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